Paradise Lost production HALTED

Bradley Cooper is the devil… in the upcoming movie Paradise Lost. Well, he will be once they re-evaluate the budget for the film. The movie is scheduled to begin early next year but it seems that some budget concerns have forced Legenday Pictures to take another look at what’s going on and see if there’s any legroom to trim the $120 million dollar budget.

Source: Filmonic

The budget is said to be the cause, surpassing $120 million and making Legendary Pictures reassess the situation. The producers will now attempt to trim the budget, and production may get under-way by late spring or early summer.

Alex Proyas (I, Robot) is directing and the movie follows Michael (Benjamin Walker), an archangel engaged in an epic battle of good and evil with Lucifer (Bradley Cooper), who mounts an army after after he is cast out of heaven. The Angel of Death (Djimon Hounso) turns his back on The Devil to tell God of Lucifer’s defection, and Gods six-winged messenger Gabriel (Casey Affleck) also joins the fight to defeat The Devil.

The movie will be heavy on digital effects, meaning 20 weeks of pre-production are required. Only 8 weeks of actual filming will take place, followed by 72 weeks of post-production. There are said to be three epic battles in the story. One that takes place in Heaven, another in Hell, and a third in Eden.

Either way I’m not too sure about this movie. The premise seems incredibly ambitious and interesting, and they seem to have assembled a really interesting cast to help create this movie but I’m a little apprehensive. 72 weeks of post production!? Yeah, don’t expect to see this movie released until 2013 the soonest.

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