The Expendables 2: Cast Rumours

The Expendables delivered for me exactly what I had expected: over-the-top action with a cast of action heroes.  Was the story good? Honestly, I can barely remember: bad guys, expendables blowing bad guys to bits, followed by more bad guys and sprinkle in some betrayal, fights, bombs, guns, the end.

With the sequel its pretty safe to assume it will be more of the same. Weak story and a ton of action. But who will be in it?

Source: /Film

With director Simon West preparing to shoot The Expendables 2 soon aiming at an August 17, 2012 release, it’s high-time we heard something about his cast. We expect that surviving members of the original – Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Jet Li and possibly Bruce Wills – could all return. But, according to an interview with the CEO of the “biggest film studio” in the country, the film will shoot in Bulgaria, and joining the cast are John Travolta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

JCVD, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Travolta…  Personally I’d love for JCVD to show up in The Expendables 2, I really want to see him beat the shit out of Chuck Norris.

Who would you like to see in The Expendables 2?

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31 thoughts on “The Expendables 2: Cast Rumours

  1. Donnie yen, Stephen chow, vin diesel, Wesley snipes, and possibly some chick fights with Michelle Yeoh, and Michelle Rodriguez

  2. Travolta and Norris are poor choices. Travolta isn’t a hardass or in-shape. Norris is just too damn old, none of his old material is watchable. JCVD, on the other hand, not too bad. I’d prefer to have Kurt Russell and Tom Berenger join the cast in place of Travolta and Norris. I heard Jet Lee isn’t returning, hope that was just a rumor.

  3. …and Chuck Norris will mop the floor with the rest of ’em, by only using his roundhouse kick…. resulted in JCVD crying in the corner like a baby.
    Sorry, this joke/meme have to be out somewhere.

    1. I would agree, but Chuck Norris does not do his own round house kicks anymore….at least that is the last I heard.

      1. Yeah, he definitley shits himself anytime his leg needs to raise above his waist. Dudes like 66 yrs old by now

        And anyone remember that painful scene in the 1st one where Stallone (tries to anyway)is running full speen on the boat dock…..funny stuff.

  4. I thought JCVD pussied out of the first movie because he had to loose a fight scene? I highly doubt he will be in the sequel he’s too much of a prissy man…

    Nick cage *drool* I would totally go see it in theatres…. Snipes, travolta and the guys from the first one would be pretty good i think.

    PS what happened to the old writers??

  5. I really don’t care who they cast but if the names above are in they have to change ONE thing from the first…. STOP USING GUNS ALL THE TIME! there were to few really good fights. i mean did roberts even throw one punch?!

    I really don’t see a point in making a sequel unless the bring the knuckle a-game.

    1. I wouldn mind seeing more hand to hand combat. I would add Ernie Reyes jr, Danny Trejo ( if he is sealing to Stallone again), Taimak (anyone remember The Last Dragon) and my wildcard would be Matt Damon. Based on his work on the Bourne series and green zone

    1. Never considered Travolta to be a Badass myself, feel like he would be outta place in this film.

      Never liked any of his films where he was the supposed bad guy or the tough guy.

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