J. Edgar’s limited release date

Clint Eastwood is sitting pretty with his 4 Oscar wins, 2 for Million Dollar Baby and 2 for Unforgiven. Will J. Edgar add to his collection?

Warner Bros has set the Clint Eastwood-directed Leonardo DiCaprio-starringJ Edgar for a limited release on Wednesday, Nov. 9, with a wide release set for two days later.

Source: Deadline
Eastwood has his Oscar but DiCaprio has yet to pull out a win, nominated 3 times prior, twice for leading actor (The Aviator & Blood Diamond) and once for supporting role (Gilbert Grape). Will J. Edgar be the performance to earn him his first Oscar?

Set to follow the FBI director’s scandalous career and controversial private life as a homosexual and rumored cross dresser, it sure smells like an Oscar movie.

Awards aside I think its safe to say with Clint Eastwood directing and Leonardo DiCaprio starring, we are in for something great.

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8 thoughts on “J. Edgar’s limited release date

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  2. I think Leonardo has been in the game long enough and has paid his dues; they should give him an Oscar on principle alone. Just because he hasn’t won one yet and we all know he deserves it. He’s THE BEST actor in Hollywood.

  3. Bernard that’s not true at all. Look at Clint Eastwood and other actors. They didn’t get their big award break until long down the road. With people thinking like that, there would be no hope for anybody.

    1. You are talking about the Golden Globes.

      The Oscars have a rule that you can only be nominated for one movie.

      Ask yourself if an actor should have a chace of being nominated for five movies. Or lose because he had the best two perfomances but his votes were cut in half so the third best performence wins.

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