Die Hard 5: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker

John McClane: the embodiment of  wrong-place-at-the-wrong time.  The Die Hard franchise and its protagonist McClane can be described with one word — badass.  Or two, if you prefer bad ass.  Either way, the man is constantly beaten up,  but never out.

Now the real question is, do we need… Nay! Do we want another installment? Well friends, to me the answer is both yes and no.

No.  We do not need, nor should we want another PG-13 imitation.  Yes.  We want and need a good old fashion R-rated Die Hard.

Source: Deadline

20th Century Fox is turning up the heat on Die Hard 5, even though its attached director, Noam Murro, left the picture after he got the job helming300: Battle Of Artemisia for Warner Bros. I’m told that the studio has come up with a short list of directors who’ll meet to potentially helm the film scripted by Skip Woods. They are: Joe Cornish (who directed Attack the Block), Fast Five helmer Justin Lin, Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn and Max Payne helmer John Moore. The film brings the always-in-the-wrong-place cop John McClane to Russia. Bruce Willis is ready to reprise his signature role as early as this fall.

The directors on Fox’s short list fail to get me excited, none of them really stand out for me as the one I would like to see. The premise of seeing McClane in Russia is intriguing and could be a nice change of pace.

Sound off in the comments, who would be your pick to direct, and which is your favorite Die Hard?

Go fuck yourself, Hans.

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28 thoughts on “Die Hard 5: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker

  1. A Good Day to Die Hard A.K.A.  A Good Day to Live Easy.
    Boy!  That’s one pretty shitty movie Mr. Willis!…Grow up into Adulthood and go back into your 30’s and be a true Die Hard actor.  There are way too many explosions.  And the bag guys are even more happier than Thomas Gabriel.  Listen to all of the F- Bombs and you will see that that’s the MPAA’s only reason for giving FOX’s production such a rating of R.
    Last night, after seeing it at the theater, I checked the rating on The Internet Movie Database and t had an average user rating on its release date of 6.9 out of 10 for its rating, and right now, it’s down to 6.2!  That is a D Minus in class.  What a low life, cheesy film.
    I’m leaving Live Free or Die Hard as my 4th Favorite Die Hard and I now have more confidence in it than ever!  Thomas Gabriel – you may be laid back, but you sure are rough tough stuff compared to these Russian supposedly-terrorst freaks.
    Hollywood just doesn’t want to do a Terrorist-Plotted movie that with a Rating of R in the US of A.  I had little Kids next to my row smiling and clapping; not screaming or wining from all the action.
    Lastly, this movie has no plot line and has no enthusiastic momentum.

  2. Great News!  The MPAA just let the word out that Die Hard 5 is going to be Rated R!  After all this liberalized Hollywood rating shit that has occurred after 9/11, I’m just glad they’re putting those current events aside to give A Good Day to Die Hard an R Rating. 
    I’m siked about it, and I’m wondering if there will be any references to the previous Die Hards.   Democrat Politicians and Liberal people are freaking out about its R Rating’s financial impact on today’s Box Office, because they know that mommy and daddy will have to be there with their little ones right next to them if their kids wanna see it.  If you’re a true Die Hard fan like me, then you’re cool with people of all ages seeing this at the theater.
    Best Luck John Sr. and Jr.  Show those smart-ass Russian Terrorists whose BAD ASS ANTI-TERRORIST BOSS!
    Keep up the great ratings MPAA!
    Hey Patrick Steward – You gonna be in there like rumored?  I’ll be cool with it.

  3. You know, I’ve seen me a true Die Hard 1 once; I’ve even seen me a true Die Hard 2 and a true Die Hard 3; but I ain’t never seen me no true Hard 4 before!!!

  4. So much for pre-ix/xi/mm1 Hollywood motion pictures. Welcome to today’s world of Hollywood. SO PUT AWAY YOUR HOPES FOR RATED R DIE HARD 5 & PLAN ON SEEING SOMETHING LIKE THIS:

    How’s ’bout seeing a terrifying natural disaster being man controlled such as Mt Rainier going Gadoodles –
    John McClane can put an eraser head in the cone of the volcano and let it stay cool calm and collective and keep mother nature from being terrifically eruptive.

    Or Maybe maybe seeing McClane preventing fictitious liberal modern science-based natural disasters like Global Warming from being taken over by terrific mankind.


    I’ll tell you what my problem is!;
    I don’t like Diehard 4 because I’m a Rated PG-13ist!;
    I’m a Rated PG-13ist!;
    I don’t like don’t like Die Hard 4 because it’s Rated PG-13!;
    Die Hard 4 doesn’t like me because my favorite Die Hard movies are only those Rated R.

  5. I wonder if we will see archive footage of recent Terrorist Acts in this. Or has media communication abilities advanced too much to allow such current events to be reenacted by cast members and actual footage to be included in the shoot.

    For Example: In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the audience sees Nazis, Hitler, and the Burning of the Books. And in The Jackal, in the beginning we see Word War 2 Archive Footage with the Hindenburg.

    If not, how long do you think Hollywood will wait to consider this century’s terrifying acts to be so historical that it will be acceptable to show such footage in a Terrorist-plotted movie?

  6. Personally, I think #5 would be a no-brainer. Take a terrorist plot that has happened, but not recently, add a good-looking, but slightly intimidating brainy villain, then drop them into a highly populated, every day situation. Toss in a few snappy one-liners (Hint: “I’m too old for this shit” would have people rolling in the isles…), and BAM! new Die Hard movie writes itself. All it’s missing is some cameos from The Harlem Globetrotters or Huey Lewis (so it’s family friendly – maybe even get that rating down to a PG where the real money is made) and just sit back and shout KA-CHING!

  7. I 100% hope the crew puts nine-eleven and Hurricane Katrina off their minds when writing the scipt.

    I want pure Terrorism in it without any laid back happy-soundng bad guy like Thomas Gabriel.

    Only liberals would be bugged if terrorism in it goes as cruel as Die Hard 2.

    John McClain Rhymes with John McCain – so put politics into the plot and forget technology.

  8. 1 and 3 are the best followed by #4. Die Hard 2 just sucked for me just like Temple of Doom of Indiana Jones.

    5 would most definitely need to be rated R. They need to go back to their roots in that aspect not dumb it down for PG-13 again. But, I’m sure that being the 5th film they will want to get the most money out of it as they can so they will make it another PG-13 piece of shit.

    I don’t know about taking it to Russia though. They better have a damn good reason for him to be in Russia.

    1. Forget Russia – Send my husband John into Germany where he fights Hans Gruber’s family.

      That actor who play my husband, Bruce Willis, was Born in Germany – don’t you think it’s a lil’ odd that that chose a WWII Time Era German-born actor to play an anti-terrorist.

      So much for a fight in the U.S. – Hollywood just doesn’t want to present a terrorism-plotted movie that has a setting somewhere in the US of A.

      I miss the old days of being a character in a movie.

  9. Not sure who I want to direct as long as it’s not John Moore, what he did with “Behind Enemy Lines” fills me with dread as to what he would do with a new Die Hard.

    As for taking it to Russia, well I’m not opposed as long as they keep the locations to a minimum. It was partly the confinement of the first 2 Die Hard’s which made them entertaining and the gallivanting all over the place which made the last one like almost any other action movie.

  10. I’m all for an R-rated Die hard 5. As long as we don’t get a RAMBO style sequal. Damn that movie was awful!! All gore and no plot!!!

  11. I didn’t mind the last one. it just felt kinda gimmicky. And to me “With a Vengeance” will always be my favourite. John tearing all across NYC with Sam Jackson in-tow.

    I’m equally excited and disappointed with the change of locale. On the one hand, why in the flying blue Hell would John go to Russia? On the other, it IS new.

    I’ve always had an idea for a Die Hard in Hawaii. John takes the family (including Holly’s new husband) to Honalulu for a week, and the inevitable terrorist attack ensues. Gives us a chance to finally square away John’s family issues.

  12. Just as long as it’s R-rated. I thought Live Free or Die Hard was okay, but the theater experience was ruined for me when they censored it to give it a PG-13 rating. Later, I watched the R-rated Director’s Cut when it came out on DVD, and it just seems to me, since I haven’t watched it in a while, but it just seemed unnatural with the delivery of the lines at parts, it almost feels like Bruce Willis said, “Fuck it, it’s not going to be R in the theaters, I guess Justin and I can just get lazy and not give it our best, and we’ll let the fans be disappointed when they watch both the theatrical cut and the unrated cut.”

    R-rated Die Hard 5, please and thank you.

  13. Yeah.. I’d like to see Alan Rickman return for Die Hard 5. Perhaps avenging the death of his twin brother Hans Gruber, Rickman would portray the other twin and give John McClane headaches again…

  14. I’d say give it to Justin Lin. Lin directed the last two Fast and the Furious sequels, which I think is a good basis for this fifth Die Hard installment.

    1. Agreed, 1 and 3 are by far the best.

      My list is as follows:
      1. Die Hard
      2. Die Hard With A Vengeance
      3. Die Hard 2
      4. Live Free or Die Hard

      My guess is Die Hard 5 will sit somewhere between 3 and 5 on my list, they’ll never top the first three.

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