RUMOR: Transformers want Jason Statham

Michael Bay and Shia LeBeouf are DONE with the Transformers franchise. Seems like they’ve got their eyes set in other directions and currently don’t intend to revisit this franchise ever again. For reals. So, what’s an Autobot to do? Well, there’s always Jason Statham. 

Source: Dark Horizons

The suggestion isn’t a huge leap. The current third film’s female lead, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is the real life girlfriend of Statham and would likely come back for the fourth film if he were involved.

Their source claims “It’s clear the franchise still has huge potential but with a new leading man capable of taking Transformers in a new, darker direction. Jason could be just the man to do that and his relationship with Rosie would be an added bonus in marketing the movie.

I had no idea dude was dating a Victoria’s secret model that’s in the worldwide smash hit known as Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Who else knew but me? I didn’t think it possible but there’s yet more excitement to exploit from this franchise that even Michael Bay has yet to uncover. The idea of a Bad-Ass Statham working with Tyrese and co. as they scatter around giant robots pretending that they’re making a difference makes a difference in my outlook in a 4th entry. I can’t believe it. I’m ALREADY excited about a 4th one now. Here’s hoping this rumor somehow survives and becomes a reality. 

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9 thoughts on “RUMOR: Transformers want Jason Statham

  1. There are more characters in the TF universe that have yet to be featured onscreen. Characters such as The Dinobots, Ultra Magnus (Optimus’s brother), Aerialbots, Omega Supreme, Unicron, Stunticons, Combaticons, Insecticons, Protectobots and Galvatron of course. There’s more to be mined from the cartoon.

  2. What they need is a stellar cast of voice actors and reboot the series with a prequel set on Cybertron and that covers the ending days of the war, the fall of Iacon, and the great departure from the dying Cybertron.

    Make. The focus. The Transformers.

    Make. The focus. Their characters and personalities.

    1. I actually think Bay tried to put a version of the opening scene of the cartoon in there at the begining when they were introducing Sentinel Prime (kind of) it gave me a few seconds of goose bumps hearing Optimus explaining it, and showing the ship and space battle…

      all I needed was the Music and BAM! stock woulda rised up bigtime..

  3. Personally, I think this franchise is pretty much over with and they should look at rebooting it sometime down the line instead. As much as I love this trilogy, I would love to see what a fresh pair of eyes can do for the Transformers franchise.

  4. I agree with 420 band. jason statham as the lead role? thats wack. they need dwayne “the rock” johnson as the lead role. He should play his character cobbs from fast five and have vin diesel as a cameo in transformers 4. LMAO…..that would be so epic.

  5. Pass….
    who really cares if the one-note girl from the movie will get her beau involved……

    we’ll see in 2-3 yrs what’ll happen.

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