Luke Cage : Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson For Hire?

If there is a possible Heroes For Hire or a solo Luke Cage film from Marvel, could UFC fighter turned actor Quinton Jackson be up for the role? Worst Previews shares:

During a recent interview, UFC champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (The A-Team) was asked if he would ever consider playing a comic book character like Luke Cage.

“That’s kind of crazy. I actually had a meeting with Marvel a long time ago about… I don’t know if I can say that,” said Jackson, stopping short of revealing that he’s in talks to play the character on the big screen.

Now, there’s a many number of things that come to mind here. First of all, while I can’t be sure if Cage will be teamed up with Danny ‘Iron Fist’ Rand, I’m hoping that would be the case, for a buddy action film would please many. Second, both characters, while having a loyal following, are, for better or worse, second tier. Some may even consider them third tier characters. It’s no secret Marvel has been considering some characters of that caliber to modest budget films.

Third – Luke Cage alone is very adaptable. And he already wears chains :)

But there’s the fourth advantage. I, like some int’l friends here, grew up on Chuck Norris movies. There was also a time where we got a martial arts movie fu fix in the late 80s to the mid 90s. Van Damme, Jeff Speakman, Cynthia Rothrock and so on. Point is, most of the stars of such films started out in kickboxing and related martial arts tournaments.

So if Jackson is cast, I’m not opposed to it. That said, he would need a good director. Someone like an Andrew Davis, if they could find one. I don’t think they can actually *get* Andrew Davis, but they will, in my view, need someone like him. Not just a director who can direct action, but can get decent if not satisfactory performances out of action stars like Norris or Steven Seagal.

What do you think, folks? Should Marvel and the Mouse House pursue this avenue?

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11 thoughts on “Luke Cage : Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson For Hire?

  1. I’m a Rampage UFC fan, and I was really nervous for his entry into film with A-Team. He did a lot better than I expected he would.

    But as far as star power, he has as much of that as Luke Cage does for Marvel. Lol so it’s kind of a fit for the role, but not a fit for elevating it.

    I’m not sure he can lead act though. It will likely be Shaq in Steel all over again!

      1. Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport on the planet, luv it or hate it its here to stay.

        Personally think that the majority of the A Teams revenue came from Ufc fans wanting to see a former division champ on the big screen, unless they make more A Teams stick to the cage rampage

      2. Bradley Cooper fresh off the Hangover, Copley fresh off his breakout role in District 13, Liam Freaking Neeson, and tge hotness that is Jessica Beil.

        Rampage ranked pretty low on the buzz meter there.

        And no one said UFC was a dying sport, but it’s not as mainstream as it’s fans want to think either. There are no names in UFC that the average person could name. Even non sports fans can give you a name of a famous sports figure from any one sport.

  2. He didn’t ruin A-Team, then again He didn’t make it awesome either.

    I liked him in the film though, He made me laugh with the whole flying in planes thing (But nostalgia had alot to do with it)

    Cool to see Someone fightin’ for this Character.

    Gotta make it a Buddy Flick though and include Danny boy!

  3. Has everyone forgotten how ripped and already Hollywood fight trained Michael Jai White(Spawn)is? He already rocks the tiny fro and could totally pull off the gold power head band and do some justic to the role of the brooding, ripped up mercenary Avenger from the streets.

    1. He would be better than Rampage, however “ripped and hollywood fight trained” isn’t enough to carry a movie.

      I like White, but I cannot see them hiring him to lift a character like this from obscurity to a high profile film.

  4. As a friend of Page’s I am all about this happening. He is a good dude and IS from the streets. The guy was homeless for a time and was raised by the streets, he could pull this off. Also he is just so funny when you talk to him I think if they make it light and actiony (is that a word) it would be great theater. I approve this (remember i am bias lol)

    1. I kinda liked Jackson in the A-Team, I actually thought he would be bloody horrible but he totally surprised me. All I can say is if he gets the role I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him.

  5. I am completely against this. I really don’t like this guy as an actor (mostly because he ISN’T)
    C’mon, Isaiah Mustafa has been saying for a long time that he WANTS this role; He even made a trailer with his own money for it! I’d much rather see him as Luke Cage.

    1. There are many actors who go after various roles, but it doesn’t mean they will get those roles. They audition, they lobby for consideration.
      James Caviezel wanted to play Superman/ Clark Kent, for example, and lobbied hard for the role when Bryan Singer was making ‘Superman Returns. He didn’t get the part.

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