Leaked Spider-Man Teaser Online

It looks like leaked trailers are all the rage this summer season. Some are intentionally leaked by studios, and some are not. We find out fast enough

Well the latest to hit the net is the Spider-Man teaser which likely will be online Friday anyways as it is intended to be shown before Captain America.

And Just like that, it’s gone. Guess we will wait til Friday

It might not last, and if we get the nod from Sony we will have to kill it, but for now, here is some free advertising for Sony!

I really like how the movie will have some sort of tie in to Parker’s real parents. Seems we never touch on why he is living with his Aunt and Uncle. There is a real dark tone to this, but I hope they manage to keep in the witty banter Spider-Man is known for.

More than anything, it looks like in tone and style that it is distancing itself from the Raimi films. They kind of have to.

And I think the costume looks awesome. Yes, Raimi’s Spider-Man looked good too, but this is not the first time they have shifted around the stripes and blue/reds on Spidey’s outfit.

When we get a proper release for this, we will post a real one.