Fanmade Batman Trilogy Poster is Awesome

This fan made poster is better than all the Batman Posters put together. Ironically it IS Nolans Batman posters put together, but this clever presentation makes me wish I had a poster sized version of this on my wall.

Check it out:

Now tell me you don’t wish you had that as a real poster?

Deviant Art Contributor Andrewss7 created this.

Just awesome.


7 thoughts on “Fanmade Batman Trilogy Poster is Awesome

  1. This would be a great poster for a Blu-Ray or DVD trilogy promotion, if ever Warner Bros will collect all these three Nolan Bat movies.. I think even the most jaded person will be wowed by this.

  2. Hmm…Interesting concept…simply just putting each official movie poster together but in such an AWESOME unique way. 2 Thumbs up to this Andrewss7.

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