Look at some Wonder Woman footage

Every once in a while we venture out of the movie world and see what’s happening in other media like videogames and television. Today we’re going to take a look at a scene from the now defunct Wonder Woman television show.

Via: The Flickcast

That is mighty cheesy. REAAAAL Cheesy. Every goon mustve been a former mister universe in that scene, or at least failed NFL players looking for something to do with their free time. Either way, that was not great but when I think about it I wonder… Does this look any worse than what’s on TV now? I mean, Smallville is a critically acclaimed show but have you seen any of the costumes they’ve made for the Justice League? This show coulda won an Emmy! And Adrienne Policki wore that costume well. REAAAAAAL WELL. And she had a really confident swagger to her walk that really gave me the impression that she may have been onto something with her portrayal of Wonder Woman. It’s exactly how I imagined it should be. Since TV is a no go, how about a web series? trust me, it might just work!

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13 thoughts on “Look at some Wonder Woman footage

  1. The Big Bald guy was Dan Mergliotta he’s a ref for the UFC out of NJ, I know the guy and had no clue he was an extra in this lol I have to call his ass out now LoL!!!

  2. It destined to be doomed from the get go, right when i heard the change they made for WW to be like “Ally McBeal with muscle” & no background story about her amazonian origin that alone already put me off. The cheesy earlier costume doesn’t help either. I’m still glad nobody like this project… but once again i’m still saddening that no one can treat Diana accordingly & with proper respect.

  3. She looks good, BUT the clip looks Fan made.

    not a good thing, and those steriod pumped baddies look like there gonna work out together or “drop to their knees and make like circus seals”.


      1. there was actually some reaaaaaaaaally good episodes of smallville. but writing, budget is lacking i must say. Michael Rosenbaum was an amazing actor on that show and so was John Glover.

        Smallville could have been amazing with a more budgets and better writers. Can’t knock it, its still the longest superman tv adaptation that has been on air. you can’t knock a show that has been on for 10 years.

  4. her costume is actually spot on although a bit cheesey for the real world… i hope they release the pilot online or something

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