Isaiah Mustafa’s fake ‘Power Man’ teaser

You know sometimes actors say they want a role and sometimes an actor shows us they want a role. Mustafa must’ve reached inside his Old Spice lined pockets to finance this one, but it is a fun little video.

Via: Filmonic

You know what? That wasn’t much to watch but I actually think he sounded pretty good. Can’t say much for the glowing eyes cus I just dont remember that being a super power of the character, but it was short and sweet and mostly gave spotlight that a Power Man movie might actually be a half-decent idea. Idunno about Mustafa tho. I need to watch that Horrible Bosses movie before I have a better grasp of his potential. No Iron Fist? I think Heroes for Hire would have a much better chance of entering production than a solo Power Man movie.

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7 thoughts on “Isaiah Mustafa’s fake ‘Power Man’ teaser

    1. I’m sure he can easily add on 30 lbs to fit out the character. I know he has been wanting to play Luke Cage for some time. I wonder if they would do it hokey like Black Dynamite? Would be cool to see Iron Fist and Shang Chi as well.

      1. plus, the whole… The world will know me… Thats not true. Isn’t Luke Cage is a very low key superhero, i think he’s like DareDevil or Green Arrow, he pretty much stays in his neighborhood.

      2. @ Roderick,

        Luke Cage has been a lot more main stream in the last few years. He leads one of the Avengers teams and also leads the Thunderbirds, a team made up of supervillions being forced to fight for good.

      3. Thunderbolts, not thunderbirds XD
        I like the style of the character in the last years, is a Hero, but a street hero, dealing with junkies, and without spandex.

      4. Yea, in recent years I like Luke Cage much better, in his Power Man years with the spandex I just didnt care for the character at all.

        Right now I think Luke Cage is a hot comodity, really like him in the New Avengers series.

  1. I think you mean “Heroes For Hire”. And yes I agree with you having Cage and Iron-Fist will have my vote whatever the cast is :-)

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