Geeky Swimsuits – R2D2 or Jaws vs Mermaid?

Part of the fun of being a movie fan is celebrating the pop culture of it all. Some quote lines, some get a tattoo. A lot of the time it is in our clothes.

So I wanted to throwdown a challenge of movie fandom with two swimsuits that capture the inner cinephile.

So, which is the cooler geekier design? R2D2, or Jaws vs Mermaid?

A little known fact, Jaws was the first “Summer Blockbuster” and began that trend to make a big summer hit. Combining that iconic image cleverly with Ariel about to be Sharkbait is just genius.

But that R2D2 pattern on a swimsuit is also iconic, and well designed. Seriously. Tough call.

I am a Star Wars Fanboy so that won me over, but that Jaws is a very clever design too.


7 thoughts on “Geeky Swimsuits – R2D2 or Jaws vs Mermaid?

  1. Seeing as the girl taking a picture of herself in the R2D2 outfit has a case for her phone of Darth Vader on it. I’m gonna have to go with R2, the Jaws one is great and funny but I see that more of a notion to pop culture and not necessarily a homage to all things geek.

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