Stan Lee will NOT be in X-Men: First Class

This is a bit of a surprise. The Great Stan Lee has announced that he is not going to appear on film in the upcoming X-Men First Class.

Source: Worst Previews

“Incredible as it may seemeth, NO CAMEO doth appear of thy beloved Generalissimo in ‘X-Men 1st Class!’ I pause whilst thy shock sinketh in,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

What Gives? How did this happen? I don’t know what to say. You’d think there would be some type of contractual obligation in place to ensure his appearance in any film with characters that he’s had a hand in creating. Wow. I think I’m going to take his advice and let mine shock sinketh in.

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31 thoughts on “Stan Lee will NOT be in X-Men: First Class

  1. I rewatched First Class this week and it was just as enjoyable the second time around. I enjoyed Fassbender’s and McAvoy’s performances even more. I still found the ending a bit rushed, and thought Jones was horribly miscast.

    And now that I’m thinking about it, I’m disappointed that they killed off Darwin, or did they? Darwin’s ability was to adapt, so maybe he turned into pure energy. That would be pretty sweet.

    Also, I’m a lot less impressed with the fairy girl. She had a rather mediocre mutation, yet they probably spent thousands of dollars on her CGI work.

  2. Hmmm I greatly admire Stan the Man and always have…When I was a kid I read Dc Comics, Superman JLA etc…then at about ten I discovered the early Spidey comics n FF….WOW Lost interest in most of DC after that…But I think it kinda sucks that proper credit never seems to be given to the Artist end of these creations…Stan is fortunate to have outlived some of this talent…but with Marvel doing FF movies, Hulk, Avengers, Iron Man and more recently Thor and Captain America…that NOW would be the time to most heavily promote and admit Jack Kirbys Masterful Artistic Genius and Imagination for co creating most of the Marvel Universe with Stan Lee—I also think other artists like Steve Ditko, John Romita etc never get enough attention–its sad that Kirbys Family has to try to sue for the characters since they get nothing from these movies…With Marvel now owned by Disney you would think they would want to right and wrong and give him more visible credits and thanks to begin with and even give his family some reparation for the past…Heck all the money the movies make giving them 1 million would be norhing and go a long way toward helping the family and giving Kirby the honor he is due even posthumously….X-Men First Class was good not great and Stan Lee and Kirbys part in it was minimal since only Professor X, Magneto and Beast were the only main Lee/Kirby most of the rest were modern X men inserted into the 60s timeframe…I wasnt fond of this as I think this messes up their history a lot more than the other movies, although I hated x3 cuz it killed off most of the characters for no reason and didnt even do it very heroically or even very visually emotional….

  3. where was he in punisher 2004 and warzone? where was he in hulk 2004? maybe it’s just a money thing, with lawyers/distributors/hebrews/etc. it’s hollywood. maybe he’ll make a cameo in the last transformers…

    was he even in dardevil, elektra, or ghostrider? lemme know

  4. And why no teaser at end of film? We stayed after every credit and nada. Not the same experience without Stan cameo and end-teaser. OK movie — not one of the better Marvels.

  5. I just would like to be able to shake this mans hand one day and thanking him for the spark his stories gave to my creativity/imagination.

    me and my kid as well!


      1. Lucky man!

        I’m in Miami and we really dont have a REAL convention come our way, Just in Orlando. I’ll pay attention this year on the dates to attend and hopefully get to see the “Man”.

        My kid can even tell his voice apart in the cartoons and yells his name when he see’s the cameos.

        makes me so proud!

  6. I think until this one, the only ones he had not been in were the Punisher films and the Blade Films and the made for TV Generation X and Nick Fury

  7. Yeah, I didn’t see him in any of the X sequels, Thor was a fun one.

    FF2 at the wedding he say’s (Stan):”My name is Stan Lee I gotta be on that list” (security) “Nice try pal”
    Great one.

    also in Spidey 3 the talk with Peter and the “Nuff Said” was a great touch.

    I hope even when he passes on (God forbid any time soon) they CGI him in there as well!

    Love the guy!

  8. I’m relieved that he’s not in XMFC. I want XMFC to be grittier, darker, full of gravitas, and generally take itself more seriously than earlier X-Men adaptations. Seeing him cameo, even if it were a serious bit, would probably pull me out of the moment: “That’s Stan Lee. Oh, right. I’m watching a movie.”

    1. His absence has NOTHING to do with the content. The X-Men films have ALWAYS strayed from the source material. This film is no different. It simply fits in with the other films.

      Sometimes scheduling and script doesn’t allow for it, and while a neat addition for him to cameo in Marvel films (by any studio), it is not required nor does it have anything to do with his approval. If they can fit him in, they do it.

  9. to thebaap: he does do cameos in a lot of movie he was in xmen 1 were he is on the beach, i don’t remeber xmen 2 bun in xmen 3 he is in the flash back were he is watering th grass, he is also in fantastic four, he is the mail man and he is in dare devil, he is the guy who would have been hit by the car if young dare devil did not stop him.

  10. Schulzy is correct. He has not had a cameo in any of the movies that are not Marvel Studios (although he did have a Hulk cameo, IIRC, with the TV Hulk and him as security guards). Nevermind, he was also in the spider-man ones. So maybe just the ones that are produced by FOX?

    1. Stan has appeared in nearly every movie based on a Marvel character regardless of studio. There are far fewer films without him than with.

      X-Films are Fox, Spidey was Sony etc.

  11. The way I understood it, is he does his cameo in each film related to Marvel Studios – The Iron Man movies, the latest Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. Correct me if I’m wrong, but First Class isn’t Marvel studios, is it?

    1. The movie is actually marvel studios. i mean it is based on how the x-men were created. It is based off of his comics. At the beginning of the movie it show the marvel studios logo.

      1. Actually you are incorrect. All Marvel licenced properties start with that Marvel logo, but this was NOT a Marvel Studios film.

        Fox still owns the rights to the X-Men property and is not giving it up any time soon.

  12. Stan Lee didn’t cameo in X2. That’s not saying I don’t like it when The Man does not cameo, but he’s not in every Marvel related film. (But he better show up in The Avengers!)

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