Coming Soon: Titanic 3D

Titanic was a monumental achievement of technology and film as a medium when it was initially released in 1998, and went on to earn almost 2 billion dollars in gross revenue.

Source: JoBlo

Today the trio announced that TITANIC will be re-released in theaters on April 6, 2012 in 3D…

The release will mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic setting sail, which took place on April 10th, 1912. Cameron first announced the news back at the 2009 Comic-Con and has been working on the 3D conversion since.

Says Cameron of the re-release: “There’s a whole generation that’s never seen ‘TITANIC’ as it was meant to be seen, on the big screen. And this will be ‘TITANIC’ as you’ve never seen it before, digitally re-mastered at 4K and painstakingly converted to 3D. With the emotional power intact and the images more powerful than ever, this will be an epic experience for fans and newcomers alike.”

It comes as little surprise that the folks at Fox and Paramount are interested in letting Jim Cameron post convert the movie into 3D to try to re-create the undeniably epic sea of women, men, children and pets repeatedly shouting that they’ll never let go at local malls, schools, post offices, and most of Time Square.

I don’t know if I can voluntarily participate in such an event as the outcome is most tragic and involves the poor judgment and heaving of expensive jewels overboard the tragic outcome of a romance that could never last. I don’t know if I can stomach that.

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9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Titanic 3D

  1. Great article! I say Titanic is one of my favorite movies. Now at first I thought this movie was over rated and I didn’t care for it. I tried to watch it a few times, but I didn’t pay attention. I finally had the time to view it from beginning to end and that’s when I was hooked.  My opinion changed right there and since I’ve watched it over and over using my Blockbuster @ Home feature. Having access to thousands of movies, games and TV shows is what does it for me. I like having the ability to stream to my iPad or TV as an added bonus. I get DVD’s delivered to my door and a quick exchange is easy with the Blockbuster store down the road. With this feature I can exchange as many times as I want, which works great with new movies or games. I was excited to see that I could add this feature for a low per month cost.

      1. Yea, that is always a driving factor but Titanic and 3D is pointless. I am not a fan of this film, but I begrudge no one for being so. Its a great retelling of an historical event.

        Just never understood why this film became so huge. I have seen the film once, wouldnt ever care to see it again.

  2. Will probally be the best post 3-d transfer ever created……..Further proving that: Mr. James “Big Dick” Cameron is, and will always be……”Da Man!”


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