Abin Sur’s Green Lantern theater poster

Abin Sur is the mysterious Green Lantern that precedes Hal Jordan as GL of Sector 2814, and is not expected to have too much screen time in this summers’ Green Lantern movie but that hasn’t halted the Designers over at WB from whipping up a spiffy new poster for you to point at when walking in your local theater. Let’s look.

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Poor Abin. Poor poor Abin. If it wasn’t bad enough that your days are numbered, you also have to suffer the sorry fate of being mocked for looking like another famous alien. Kidding aside, I have to say that I think Abin’s poster does look decent if not all that inspiring.

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7 thoughts on “Abin Sur’s Green Lantern theater poster

    1. that is what he is refearing to when he says that it looks like another famous alien but for me i thought he looked like Zordon when his glass case is broken

  1. They keep showing this guy in everything (I know who he is) BUT to me it’s the weakest looking part of the film in terms of make-up/cgi

    that look is right out of Galaxy Quest!

    1. Dude I swear, everytime they show his friggin purple mug I wanna turn off the T.V. or throw my wedding ring at him!

      and to top it off you pretty much see his demise in the trailer, hands off the ring to Mr. x-Johansen, He gets beamed up(with the same look on his face the entire trailer-like he’s constipated!) we see the CGI fest in total glory(3-d is gonna be too dark from the looks of this fiasco)then yada,yada,yada, we get to hear the oath yet another time! and at the end when he says “Green Lanterns light” it sound that he finally moved his bowells! hopefully it’s not onscreen for 90 minutes!

      something tells me it is though.

      (I’m channeling Randal from Clerks apparantley!)

      please forgive.

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