Texas Chainsaw 3D Gets New Writer and Maybe Director too

Micheal Bay’s Platinum Dunes may not be interested in Jason or Freddy as they once were, but Leatherface and his chainsaw are another ballgame. The good folks at Cinemablend serve up this tale of terror:

John Luessenhop is in talks to direct Leatherface 3D, which would in fact be another sequel to the 2003 remake, but would pick up immediately where the original 70s film left off…Kirsten Elms has been brought on to tweak the script, under Luessenhop’s supervision, that was written by Debra Sullivan, Adam Marcus and Stephen Susco.

In other words, it…um…well it sounds like it will be a direct follow up to the Tobe Hooper cult classic, but be a sequel to the first remake. The previous film was a prequel. Luessenhop is in “talks” but if the new scribe is rewriting for his favor, then he’s pretty much on board. Luessenhop previous film was ‘Takers”. Oh, you feel better already now, don’t you? No, probably not. As for Leatherface and the family getting knocked off in the 2004 remake, don’t you fret. In horror, the horror ‘heroes’ don’t stay dead for too long- even if some film franchises (including the remade ones) should remain buried.

Not that applies to this project or anything.

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3 thoughts on “Texas Chainsaw 3D Gets New Writer and Maybe Director too

  1. The original was a tour de force and STILL worthy of praises.

    the 80’s? version (sequel)was a creppy campy film BUT not Scary! although still favorable in most diehard horror fans eyes (not me!)

    The Micheal Bay one was fun to watch BUT Beil’s ass was the high mark.
    it was basically a decent horror film with it’s normal flaws, but not scary!

    BUT does anyone still want to follow this inbred pyscho redneck family somemore?

    I know I dont.
    sequel,prequel,remake,revision,remix,retold. NADA.


  2. Hey Darren, ummm… Leatherface and half of his inbred family didn’t get knocked off in the 2003 remake.

    L-face just had one of his forearms chopped off.

    But it would be so cool if L-face returned in this sequel with a chainsaw attached to his missing arm ala Ash in Army of Darkness!!

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