More Vampires For Let Me In Helmer Reeves

Matt Reeves, despite having seen his remake of Let The Right One In flop, is being lured back to more bloodsuckers in ‘The Passage’. Deadline shares:

In The Passage, a group of terminally ill cancer patients get healthy after being subjected to the bites of bats in South America. Naturally, the government see this as a cure for the disease and starts experimenting. They end up with a legion of nearly indestructible, telepathic vampire masters that begin infecting the populace. The tone is closer to 28 Days Later and The Stand than Let The Right One In or Twilight Saga.

That’s good to hear…I guess. The only question is if this project will come before his remake of ‘They Live’ or not- last week Reeves agreed to adapt the Ray Nelson short story 8 O’Clock in the Morning for Universal and Strike Entertainment (which was adapted for the 1988 John Carpenter film). While there are many who are probably thrilled that another remake (iso to speak) has been put on the back burner for now- there’s also that segment who cry out in agony…
ANOTHER vampire flick?!

Hey, bring it. Vampires never go out of style.

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3 thoughts on “More Vampires For Let Me In Helmer Reeves

  1. Yeah, read the book also, and not sure exactly how it would translate to film. Not to worry though, I’m sure it will be pulled off, successfully or not. The book also ended with a cliffhanger that would leave an opening for sequels…

  2. I have read the book and it is fantastic…I have no idea how they can expect to condense it into a 2 hour movie…Good Luck

  3. Story sounds pretty interesting. I’ll give it that. Sorta like a prequel to I Am Legend; hopefully minus the crappy CGI.

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