Justin Lin talked to Arnie about Terminator

Justin Lin is becoming a more recognizable name as the days pass as he’s managed to resurrect the Fast and Furious franchise and add the Terminator franchise on his “to do” list. One more accomplishment he can add to his resume is speak with Schwarzenegger the Governator about returning to the Terminator franchise.

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I think one of the great things is that when I got started, no one would return my calls, and now I get a lot of phone calls, which is good. I have options. Terminator was one of my favorite films growing up. And I feel I have a take that I would love to see, and I’ve talked with Arnold and we’ve talked and we’ll see. Again, I would love to do it, but it has to be the right circumstances. It has to be the right people. And there’s other projects too. But I’m in a position now that I can choose more than I could a year ago, two years ago. So that is something that is potentially in my future, but when I get home I will sit down and look at my options and choose what I want to do.

Somehow this news managed to trigger the theme song music to start playing in my head. Somehow I would like to see Governator return to this role. Sure he’s not as young as he used to be and probably should avoid this franchise like the plague but I’d still like to see him do it. This makes no sense. I hope he has a good idea for where to take the franchise because even with Arnie’s helpit’s seen better days.

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