Cameras roll on ‘Silent Hill’ sequel

‘Silent Hill 2: Revelations”, which will be shot in 3D , is starting production this week in Toronto. So far, none of the cast from the 2005 original film will return. Nerd Reactor gives us the update:

Silent Hill 2, or Revelation 3D, starting principal photography today in Toronto, Canada. The movie is being directed by Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane).

Silent Hill: Revelation follows the story of the third Silent Hill game, Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason (spoiler much?) has been getting nightmares that would then lead her into the town of Silent Hill and the mystery of her father’s disappearance.

Also , a quick promo still of one of the lead actresses, Adelaide Clemens (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) who plays the lead character Heather Mason has been released. A girl with a gun. Woo-Hoo!

I actually liked the first film, even if some of it reminded me a bit of John Carpenter’s In The Mouth Of Madness, but everytime I defended Hill, I would hear the same bullcrap from ‘the fans; who those who didn’t like the film “Play the game, you’ll get it” But I didn’t play the game and I got it. So I don’t get it.

But the sequel has me a bit concerned. Clearly it is going to follow in the footsteps of the video games. That’s a red flag for me. I find that line of thinking limiting and boxed in. Second, the director’s much ballyhooed ‘Solomon Kane’ hasn’t been released in North America. While the previous director, Christophe Gans also had a largely unseen ‘Crying Freeman’, at *least* he had “Brotherhood Of The Wolf”, a film which I thouught was nearly outstanding foe an interesting mix of genres.

And then there’s the lead actress Adelaide Clemens. I have trouble placing her from Wolverine, she must have been onscreen for a minute or less. Nothing wrong with new and up and coming actors, but …I’m getting a bad vibe about this.

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11 thoughts on “Cameras roll on ‘Silent Hill’ sequel

  1. i was dissapointed with the first film in the fact that there was no mention of ANY of the main characters within the game (save for Cybill Sheperd, but not really a main character) the story was convoluted and to be honest, predictable. i was looking forward to the first movie until i saw it and i will have the same reservations for the second one (the games are some of the best games ever created by the way, LUUUUUUURVE THEM!!!)

  2. I’m suspicious about the second film because I thought the first one got it all wrong. In the games, Silent Hill is a partial projection of the main characters own psycology. The monsters and the dark world are just representative of the their personal demons. In the movie, they were just visually impressive obstacles to overcome. The cult thing is relevant because that’s what gives Silent Hill that power. Next time, I’d spend one half of what was spent previously on effects, and actually work on making a proper pyscological horror (ie – Jacob’s Ladder, one of the main influences for the games).


      if everything HAD to be like the games, the resident evil movies wouldn’t have gotten me so annoyed. I did my research. they went on four, yes, FOUR, fan sites, MAJOR ones, and had the FANS vote on the monsters that would be in.

      Pyramid head and those certain nurses won.

      They went to the Japanese game directors before releasing the movie.


      they liked that the main character was a mom and not Harry, because too many american movies revolve around men.

      they liked the whole thing. if they did, then there’s no real reason to be upset.

      Also, one more thing I found by research.

      the plots for Silenthill, and characters, since game out, were AMERICAN MADE.

      it was sold to Japan. and then Japan said, “AMERICA!! MAKE YOUR OWN GAMES!!”

      And sold it back.

      Also, if anyone else bothered to do research, the people directing the new movie had NO part in the first, and the first directors have NO part in this one.

      They have amazing casting, I’ve seen some B. A screenshots and monsters.

      Get out of the mindset that the movie HAS to be an exact REPLICA of the games. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

      I’m NOT being rude, I’m just pointing out what SHOULD be the obvious.

      So please, please PLEASE stop complaining. You’re ruining it for those of us who are actually exciting, and THAT’S rude.


      or…whatever it’s called.

      1. I don’t think you read half of what I wrote.
        My complaint was NOT that all the monsters, characters and locations were not faithfully recreated, because for the most part they were – it certainly looked the part.
        If you’d have read the comment, or complaint as you put it (and this is an open movie opinion board, I CAN complain if I want to) properly, you’d have seen that my main criticism is that the one thing that is most important to Silent Hill is how it brings out the protagonist’s darkest fears, secrets, etc and projects them into Silent Hill itself; this was lost in translation (or plain ignored), hence the reason why the monsters were just visually impressive obstacles rather disturbing mental images.

        And I’m sure there is a new team on the next film and I’m more than happy to be blown away by it but if it’s all the same with you, I’ll remain sceptical. I was simply having a reflective opinion; don’t tell me I can’t have it and that I’m being rude, just because my opinion bums you out.

        Thank you

  3. so in the first movie, the mother and her daughter died or were stuck in that other dimension?, i never followed silent hill at all

  4. I’ve never played the games (I’ll admit they scare the hell out of me) but I liked the first movie. I’m willing to give this one a chance.

  5. she was the girl at the carnival who was trying to put out the light bulb with her boyfriend. she was on screen for probably 1 minute. She kind of reminds me of that girl from dawson’s creek. I liked the first movie, never picked up the game and am interested in the sequel.

  6. I never played the games either and so in that mindset I was a little worried about the first one but I actually enjoyed it. It could of had more scary moments but hopefully this movie delivers equally or hopefully more then the first…

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