Ghostbusters 3 delay is Bill Murray’s fault

I get excited and immediately depressed whenever reading any bit of news regarding Ghostbusters 3, with this latest tidbit offering more of the same. Bill Murray called into the Howard Stern show recently and was asked about any updates regarding the troubled production surrounding the Ghostbusters 3 movie and he places the blame squarely on his shoulders.

Source: Screen Rant

While appearing on The Howard Stern Show today to promote the DVD release of Get Low, Bill Murray set all of the Ghostbusters 3 rumors to rest and explained to all those listening exactly where he stands on the highly-anticipated return of everyone’s favorite paranormal exterminators…

Bill Murray: Yeah, I guess I’m the problem. Before I was an asset, [but] now I’m a problem. There’s a script somewhere [on my desk], but I haven’t read it yet…

…BM: Well, I’ll get to it… I gotta get to it – I feel bad. I got a message and I think people – I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings – it’s not the foremost thing in my mind, so I don’t think about it.

I don’t like anything coming out of this guys mouth when it comes to this movie. I am one of those guys that was born in the 80’s and thoroughly enjoyed my Ghostbusters movie on VHS and the cartoon when it showed after school. There are dozens of stories I wish would have been translated to live action that were in the cartoon, especially those Halloween specials, and I hate the idea that one of the few franchises I think actually need to be re-introduced is getting stalled out at this stage.

I personally think that the idea that a sequel would tarnish his career is foolish. He’s made a lot of awesome movies that have resonated for generations and depriving an audience of Ghostbusters is just selfish, superstitious, and just more than a little bit silly. I hope he changes his mind, or that they find a way to make this movie without him holding things up any longer.

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19 thoughts on “Ghostbusters 3 delay is Bill Murray’s fault

  1. 2 didn’t suck just the goo/statue of liberty part. That was just woeful. The ending of 1 was damn scary but in 2 the goo thing just made it stupid and even Vlad the impaler couldn’t help that. Plus vlad has always been a vampire…ghost in a painting, no. I know he might see it as a step back but he has a bit of a moral obligation to do it (if its a good script), unless they do what they did for the other ghostbusters cartoon, yknow with the young people, spenglar was the only original character in it and he mentored them. It would suck though..

  2. Stop defending this guy. Since his movie with Scarlet he has been avting high and mighty. Who cares. Nice Cameo in Zombieland other then that stick to golf asshole.

  3. Ghostbusters 3 wouldn’t be the worst thing for Bill Murray’s career by any means, it would probably be the most money he’s made in a long time (not that he needs it). What worries me is that if he holds this thing up too long, with all the “rebooting” going on of every movie franchise imaginable, they’ll decide to reboot Ghostbusters with all new folks.

    1. Rebooting it or passing the torch, it really doesn’t matter. Word has it that the recent script (that is sitting on Murrays desk collecting dust) featuers the Ghost Busters nearing retirement, and training a next generation of Busters.

      Either way, this will either be a flop or revitalize the franchise with a new cast.

      Reboot would do the same thing.

    2. I think he’s trying to save us money and save himself a lot of headaches.

      From Bill’s perspective, a new Ghostbusters film will be a time-intensive shoot. No doubt it will be filmed in 3D and have a lot of SFX. After shooting, Bill will be on the hook for promotional work, the touring and countless interviews. He doesn’t want to subject himself to such a drawn-out project, especially when he doesn’t particularly like the material.

      Which brings me to ‘us’. Ghostbusters 3 is almost certainly going to suck ass because, lets face it, Murray is the only one among the principles that has done anything good lately. Everyone else involved seem to be cashing in, and there is no the sense that they care at all about quality. Good movies are not made under these circumstances. The idea of ‘passing the torch’ to the next generation is such a cliche at this point and just so predictable, and it almost certainly means the product is going to stink.

      I can really live without Ghostbusters 4 starring Chris Tucker, Jack Black and Micheal Cera.

      Mark my words, if this movie gets made, you will all be wishing it wasn’t.

  4. They make a new GB movie and I promise that I take off work to be the first in line. It was my favorite movie as a kid and still holds a huge place in my heart. It also pains me to say it but if Bill doesn’t give a rats ass about a sequel then make the damn movie without him already. My only wish is that they not go the young Hollywood route and throw a bunch of Twilight-ish actors in there, but instead go the comedic actor route, ala Paul Rudd or better yet Ed Helms. That dude would own as a Ghostbuster.

  5. I think it’s kinda cool that he’s laid back on this, Look part 2 was a shitfest of a film. the little guy and the painting thing was a terrible idea. that’s my opinion. Bill Murray might be playing cat and mouse BUT remember, he probally read countless screenplays and thought they weren’t worthy of another film of totally sucked balls. He’s probally tired of this shit already, and is smart enough to realize that it’s over at this point.I’d love to see him back as his cool wacked out self again somewhere on screen, his Wes Anderson-esque persona is cool but getting old and repetitive in his latest films.(although he’s always awesome to me) Broken Flowers, Life Aquatic, Royal Tannen, etc. all good work but simular. I think he’s been through some personal issues and is not feeling like the “Old Bill Murray” or somethin’ But as a fan seeing his movies growing up: Where the Buffalo Roam, Stripes,Ghostbusters,Scrooged, and many more. I’ll take him as I can get him.
    never was a fan of the cartoon BTW. Ghostbusters should fade away already.
    just sayin’

    1. Little tidbit: I remember standing inline to see this film way back in the summer(I think) of 1984 and having to decide to see this or Gremlins (that night anyways) and choose Ghostbusters!. both film were huge hits that year and spawned sequels. Both sequels were crap and forgettable. to this day both films a special to me and hold up pretty damned well.

      a testament to good fun films.
      maybee it’s time to let go.

  6. The guys playing one hell of a game of cat and mouse!!

    I really do think he wants to do the movie and always has. He would never have got into the gear again or voiced the game if he didn’t have a fondness for the role and attention it brings. It’s said he didn’t turn up until the first days shooting of The original Ghostbusters, but he was there. Similar stories with Groundhog Day too.

    Murray’s humor has become very dry over the past few years and he just gets a kick out of playing with people. If G3 looks like it’s getting underway he’ll be there. He knows we want it and deep down so does he.

    I have confidence it will happen and soon. He acts like an ass, but the guy’s a comedian and a good one.

    Bill Murray is Peter Venkman and Peter Venkman is Bill Murray!!!

  7. If he is worrying about his reputation then i have one word …. Garfield
    This man is a legend and always will be he needs to wise up and see that all his films are held in high regard (except forementioned Garfield and the sequal) Come on Bill give us the goods :)

  8. That’s it I’ve been waiting for over 20 Years for a sequel! Fuck him then, if he dosent want to be Venkmen then kill of the character and move on. I’m sick of being let down cuz this douch bag likes to feel like he has all the control! Movie blog please not more heart breaks, please don’t report any mor GB 3 news unless its reporting a release date!

  9. it’s a bit late to worry about a ghostbuster sequel tarnishing his image. Did he see the first sequel? Maybe he’s concerned about his age.

    1. Ghostbusters 2 wasn’t that bad. Granted it was more like watching a live action feature episode of the cartoon, but it was fun. The scenes with the Statue of Liberty and the transforming toga painting of the team were like something straight out of the animated series.

      It did have some highly memorable scenes though. The slime tunnel, the ghost train and I don’t think you can deny the Scollari brothers wern’t cool!!!!

      1. I agree, Ghostbusters 2 gets a bad rap. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it’s made out to be. I actually enjoyed it. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either.

        But as for Murray, it’s shameful how he’s carrying on about this. Have some courtesy, dude. Either say you’ll do it or say you won’t and put this all to bed. But at least have the courtesy to read the doggone script. There’s a lot of people that want to see the movie, and a lot of people that want to make it, and he’s just flipping them the bird.

    2. Ever since Ghost Busters 2 Murray has been opposed to sequels of any sort. Garfield was the first sequel he appeared in since that, and he was just a voice actor. And even Bill Murray poked fun at that being a bad career move!

      Its not about image. This guy doesn’t have to work. But he doesn’t like to do anything he doesn’t have a passion for.

      1. well said, rodney. I agree. Also, and this is just my opinion, but I really don’t think this movie will be great. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT it to rock, but I don’t see it happening.

      2. I think it’s more than just passion (or lack thereof) that’s fueling his diversion. I believe he’s being a little strategic, as well. Murray’s spent many years and a lot of effort reinventing himself as an actor, and I just don’t think he wants to revisit those slacker/wise-ass days of his youth, simply to cash a paycheck. He’s about looking ahead, not journeying back.

        Plus, you never know how his current personal life is impacting the decisions he’s making about his professional one.

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