Zoltar Machine replaced by Pepsi

One obscure location of classic film lore is getting a product placement. The Rye Playland, which is the New York Amusement park that once depicted a creepy fortune telling machine that granted Josh Baskin his wish and made him a grown up Tom Hanks, has placed a Pepsi Machine in the very location of the Zoltar Machine.

Only true fans of the Hollywood Lore will recognize the significance of this precise spot on the park’s boardwalk, and while purists will assume this is some sort of blasphemy, it is very likely that it was placed there purely because it was the one pillar with a power outlet (Its not like the Zoltar Machine needed it).

The actual Zoltar Machine is in the lobby of the Falcon Theatre, which is owned by Garry Marshall, the older brother of Big director Penny Marshall.


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