War Machine MIGHT NOT be in Avengers

Actor Don Cheadle has dropped two surprising announcements while at the Sundance Film Festival. One, he is not going to be in The Avengers movie. However, there might be a good reason for that. Last year, Cheadle thought there would not be a solo War Machine film. That was last year… MTV scoops:

Last we heard from Cheadle, he dismissed the idea. However, when speaking to MTV News during this year’s Sundance Film Festival, he indicated that a “War Machine” solo movie was not only in the works, but the studio may already have a writer. As for whether we’ll see War Machine make a cameo in “The Avengers,” the actor didn’t expect to Rhodey to join the fight with the rest of Marvel’s superhero team.

“I don’t think he shows up in [‘Avengers’],” said Cheadle. “I think he’s kind of a lone wolf.”

Don’t fans start screaming and ranting just yet. This news isn’t all bad on the surface. Just because he hasn’t been asked yet does not mean he won’t. But if a solo film is on the table, that could easily explain the character’s absence. Or it could deal with Tony Stark’s drinking and Rhodes fills in as the hero of that picture with Stark sober in time for “Iron Man 3”. Or both. That’s what I mean by ‘on the surface it sounds good’.

Now here’s where I have a grey area. This action, should it pass, does two things:

* Aside from guns and a few gadgets, there’s nothing much else that contrasts War Machine and Iron Man. You are basically having Iron Man 2.5 (or 2.6 if you count Avengers)

*I didn’t love Iron Man 2. One of the things I did love was seeing War Machine. War Machine was a huge selling point of the film. Doing a War Machine solo film (and probably having cameos from other new or established film characters) suggests that Iron Man 2 was less about Iron Man and more about supporting characters who will get films of thier own (Nick Fury, Black Widow). Doing a solo WM film would nearly render Iron Man 2 pointless as all it was (as some folks already view it) as nothing more than a extended trailer for The Avengers.

I want to repeat though- having a War Machine film would cover a lot of ground in concept. I wouldn’t mind one if it was needed. The only question is if it is.

Enough of my blabber. What’s your thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “War Machine MIGHT NOT be in Avengers

  1. Im very interested/concerned as to how marvel is going to pull off The Avengers. As awesome an ideas as it is, it is going to be extremely difficult to make this a coherent film with a defined focus and character heirarchy. Who is the lead role? Captain America? What if Captain America: The first avenger, is a less than stellar film? I still have high hopes and I am excited to see it, but this will be a difficult story to execute on screen. Hopefully Whedon can define his characters and stick to that while filming without trying to make sure everyone has equal screentime or treating every character as though they were the central one.

  2. I don’t want to see a drink Tony. I feel like they missed their opportunity after the last film. We got one scene of him drinking too much and taking it to far. And that was cool. But now it just feels like he should know better than to let himself go down that road again. Like how many wake up calls do you need? And you really can’t get a bigger wake up call than getting into a fight with another man in a IRON suit over your drinking problems.

    1. I also agree 100% with you statements. We have had enough heroes with problems lately. I loved Hancock and the scenes in Iron Man 2, but I don’t need a whole movie about it, AGAIN.

  3. Well maybe they can have a joke about having War Machien head up the West Coast Avengers division? I really don’t see how War Machine can have his solo film I feel that there really isn’t much substance to him, he’s Starks Friend/ bodyguard/ pilot I think for awhile. But thats it, maybe a government tool but you have Captain America for that. I don’t know I don’t see a stand alone film but I can be wrong.

  4. Good. I don’t want him in Avengers. Avengers is NOT an Iron Man movie. Save Iron Man’s side-heroes FOR the Iron Man movies. Avengers is about that one CORE group of main heroes, not the main heroes and their sidekicks. It’s going to be tight as it is, giving everyone proper screentime and such, without throwing in side heroes and sidekicks. I was worried they’d try to shoehorn him in, btu I’m glad they’re not.

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