Wahlberg is game for Uncharted

Despite incessant requests from the internetz for Nathan Fillion to fill the role, Moviehole is reporting that actor Mark Wahlberg is confirmed for the lead role in the movie adaptation of Sony’s popular ‘Uncharted’ game franchise. This would be some celebratory news alone, but there’s more!

”David O’Russell is writing right now and hopes to direct”, Wahlberg says. “It’s myself, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro”.

I was never married to the idea of Fillion playing the role of Nathan Drake and still fee like the role could be filled by someone else aside from Wahlberg but the additional news of Pesci and De Niro are some great additions if true.

I’ve played both Uncharted games and I’m really looking forward to the recently announced 3rd game in the franchise “Uncharted: Drake’s Deception” that sent the internet into a flurry when premiered during the video game awards. I love the idea of Pesci and De Niro working together again and my gut tells me that one of them will be cast as Sully but I just can’t settle on “Which one would make the better Sully”?

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