Transformers 3- THE VEHICLES!

Some new photos from Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon turned up on Beyond Hollywood and oh my, are they beautiful… I’m a total nerd for collecting Transformers, and if theres nice sturdy models of these, I’ll gladly purchase. The first few are the Autobot Wreckers, which are apparently Nascars with machine guns. Deadly.

Next up, we have some of the bigger vehicles, including a firetruck, which I reaaaally hope is a new vehicle form for Optimus (My favourite transformers cartoon was that japanese one in the early 2000’s, Optimus was a big red fire truck).

Any ideas who else the fire truck and monster truck could be?

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13 thoughts on “Transformers 3- THE VEHICLES!

  1. Apparently the fire truck is Inferno, not sure though. Looks liek it’s gonnabe an awesome movie, Micheal Bay was saying he won’t introduce so many new characters this time round but I don’t think thats true…

  2. Background:
    I’m 36, so the TFs and I go pretty far back. My “collection” of bots was over 500 (all unique) at one point (before I got married – grumble, grumble, grumble).

    I hate the vehicles they’ve chosen. I know vehicle selection is limited by budget constraints and contracts. I get it. The problem for me is that part of the fun of TFs was the vast variety in vehicles and the unique ways each TF transformed. Adding more, smaller, movable parts to a generic TF exoskeleton leaves something to be desired.

    That said, once I see the transformations on screen, I’m pretty certain I’ll eat crow and fall in love with what they’ve come up with. It’s just my initial impression is kinda, ‘Meh, I’ve seen better’. I hope they get it “right” this time, and focus on the epic battles between the bots and avoid the shaky-cam more often.

  3. The fire truck might possibly be Red Alert or Inferno? At least thats my guess, I remember that Japaneese animated series, Transformers: Robots in Disguise was the title I think, and Megatron turned into some dragon/ bat monster hybrid.

  4. Nice sturdy models? I think those were last made in the 80’s! The figures I buy for my kid now-a-days fall apart too easy, no friggin resistance whatsoever!

    pisses me off.

    Jeeps probally aint in the film due to all of the films used Chevrolet/GM products and NOT Chrysler/Jeeps

  5. Not sure about the fire truck, but I know the jeep won’t be in the movie. It belongs to a fan who had hoped to get his truck into the movie.

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