Looks like JP4 slipped into production

It’s been a very long time since any news has surfaced about the long rumored but never detailed Jurassic Park 4 and today Worst Previews is showing off the following pic supposedly taken at a Universal Studio’s backlot suggesting that the movie is already in production.

I think this is some pretty exciting news as some of my favorite memories in a theaters were when I was watching the iconic dinosaurs rampaging through the 2 tropical islands from the first trilogy.  With Joe Johnston winding down on his duties with Captain America it comes as little surprise that he may begin formulating ideas for the next installment in Jurassic Park. I’d love to see some good velociraptor action on the silver screen again as I’ve enjoyed all 3 installments of the original trilogy, to varying degrees, and have yet another movie to keep an eye out for in the future. Anyone else ready to return to Jurassic Park?

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9 thoughts on “Looks like JP4 slipped into production

  1. i think for the fourth to be any good it needs steven speolberg back, joe johnston just didnt play the cards right for me in the third. and if they kill the rex again or dont have much of him in it im goona kill some one. spinosaurus can go fuck itself

  2. That WOULD be nice, but without Steven it would be a big yawn. 1 was great, 2 was cool, and 3 was too short but okay. They would have to go all out for a 4th one. Just a good story please!

  3. It’s already been debunked. Thank god for that. At least once a year you hear something about JP 4 and you just have to hope it never happens.

  4. The first was great, the rest sucked.
    What else do we need to see from this franchise? Sure little kids like seeing dinosaurs run around, but some of us adults need credible movie making to actually take place.
    I remain skeptical.

  5. The original is a certified classic. The second wasn’t quite as good, but my personal favorite. The third was comparatively weak.
    as long as they try to keep to the adventurous roots, I suppose I’d be okay. I don’t want to see any soldiers, guns, or *shudder* dinosaurs with guns.
    Maybe go back to Isla Nublar for a change? They never did specify in the films what became of the actual park.

  6. Bout time. ONLY game if Spielbergs Directing it.

    but that’s not gonna happen I guess.

    The 3rd was weak and so was the 2nd IMO now that I think about it

    BUT I still enjoyed them all.

    so why not!
    gotta get Sam Neil and the girl back though

  7. I’ve generally enjoyed all three installments of Jurassic Park, though the first one will always be the best of the three in my opinion. As far as a fourth one goes, well, I was a little kid when the originals came out and wasn’t old enough to see them in the theaters, so it will be a treat to actually see another one on the big screen for the first time. Now, if only they will re-release the first three in the theaters again as well.

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