Captain Canuck Live Action Superhero Film?

Canada has this comic book superhero named Captain Canuck, and after a hardcover reprint from IDW Publishing the character has earned a little more popularity. But a little more than the very little he had doesn’t amount to much. However it does appear to have drawn the attention of Sinking Ship, a studio in Toronto that intends to make a live action feature film.

HeroComplex says:

Comely said he is close to striking a deal with a Canadian production company to make a $15-million live-action version of the comic. He would not say which company he is in discussions with.

Now I have met the creator of this comic and he is a genuinely nice guy – as you would expect any creator of a kinder more gentler super hero from the Great White North.

Captain Canuck is a niche cultural treasure of Canada even though Marvel’s most popular character happens to be a Canadian. Still, the obvious comparisons to Captain America as a superhero patriotic symbol cannot be denied, and is often the source of mockery for the character.

Captain Canuck is not nearly as popular as Captain America, not even as popular as Captain Britain (brother of X-Men’s Psylocke). And honestly $15million is a LOT of money but in the world of big screen films, its pennies. Not to say a film needs a massive budget to be good, but I find the news discouraging.

For instance, Christopher Nolan carries enough weight to his name that if anyone found out that he was directing Captain Canuck, every eye would be on the project wondering what he was going to do with this Canadian cult icon. But instead we are left with an indepenent Toronto film studio picking up the rights to the character.

Maybe they could cast Paul Gross as the highly skilled Federal officier in tights. That is if this ever results in a finished product.

8 thoughts on “Captain Canuck Live Action Superhero Film?

  1. Well, with angry rogue hockey players set against the backdrop of the seedy world of Montreal’s strip clubs, I think we may have a winner here.

    1. Now there’s a property I’d get behind. Alpha Flight was tight. I still remember rushing to the comic shop in Buckhead Georgia as a teen to pick up the first issue of Alpha Flight. Great character’s if done right.

      1. Well the 15 million is likely to be subsidised by federal and provincial tax credits.

        Similar to Paul Gross’ other movie Pashendael. (sp?)

      2. I dare you to come up to my town and say that.

        That is totally ignorant to assume that Canadians cant be anything but some nice innocent people.

        We invented hockey.

      3. I’m from Philadelphia and a Die Hard Flyers fan, I dare you to say that to those guys (most are Canadian) they would beat your ass. Hockey is the toughest sport next to MMA in the world, and it just so happens that some of the greatest fighters are Canadian (GSP anyone). So yeah I have some respect for Canadians, also Montreal has the greatest strip clubs in the WORLD!!!

  2. I guess the studio is called “sinking ship” for a reason. Can anyone say Captain America movie circa 1990? That’s what this film is gonna look like for 15 mil.

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