Warner Bros. Seriously Considering John Hamm as Superman?

Like promised, the rumor mill is spinning like crazy as to who will be the next Superman. We all know the script is written (Nolan/Goyer), but we’ve still haven’t gotten any confirmation or real news about the future film. We’ve heard that Brandon Routh would love to come back. We’ve heard that Chuck’s Zachary Levi was being considered for the role (rumor already shot down). So, today we’ve got news that WB Bros. is seriously considering Jon Hamm.

ScreenRant reports:

According to our friends at Think Mcfly Think, one candidate for the gig is fan-favorite Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame.

TMT’s source claims that Warner Bros. has “seriously considered” Hamm for the role but the actor is 39 years of age, a tough sell if they want to make a franchise out of this (which they do).

  • Chuck

    Jon Hamm would save Superman. He has the range, screen presscene and ability to play Supes. Why was Reeve good at Superman? It was because he was a trained actor, not some boy who was heading to his Abercrombie and Fitch catalog shoot. Routh will NEVER be Superman in this generation. Welling had already earned the mantle of Superman when Return hit the screen. People wanted to see Welling be Superman, not some monkey faced hack who only got the job because he looked like the guy who played Superman before we were born. With Smallville coming to an end and Welling deciding to move on to being a producer, it’s a perfect time to reintroduce Superman.

    Jon Hamm is 39, sure, but Superman is the father of all superheroes. He is the oldest and the first. He inspired all other DC–every Superhero, but DC superheroes look up to Superman as their inspiration, while Marvel heros can’t say Superman inspired them–superhero. He shouldn’t look younger than Bale, he should be in his age group (Bale is 36). He should be as good an actor, if not better, than Christian Bale. Routh can’t act! Supes needs an actor, not some model look-alike trying to do his best Reeve imitation.

    • A friend

      I agree completely. One the same note Daniel Craig first played James Bond in Casino Royale at 38, and it was an origin story. A great actor will make a big difference.

  • Ben

    Screw age, this is the first guy on a LOOOONG time that looked at the article and said “THATS’ Superman!”

    Get him in the gym for 6 months and watch him rock the part!

  • Jon Hamm is not Superman, he’s Lex Luthor. How can I be the only one who sees this?

  • Vern

    I am against routh coming back as supes. his performance was creepy. he didn’t play superman. he played christopher reeves playing superman. which imo came off as extremely creepy.

  • Bumbledoor

    There’s no reason Superman HAS to be young. No reason at all.

  • Michael J Vanderpool

    Don Draper as Superman? That’s insane. He looks too old. At least he’s got a deeper look to him. Something that Superman has missed since the black and white days.

  • I’m all for this. A 39 year old Superman isn’t bad as it seems. Besides, it’s in Chris Nolan’s hands anyway. He knows what he’s doing.

  • russ

    I think it would be interesting to see an older Superman, with older supporting characters or even a Superman who has outlived the supporting cast around him, a fururistic Metropolis and a fresh angle on where the films have been before.