Warner Bros. Seriously Considering John Hamm as Superman?

Like promised, the rumor mill is spinning like crazy as to who will be the next Superman. We all know the script is written (Nolan/Goyer), but we’ve still haven’t gotten any confirmation or real news about the future film. We’ve heard that Brandon Routh would love to come back. We’ve heard that Chuck’s Zachary Levi was being considered for the role (rumor already shot down). So, today we’ve got news that WB Bros. is seriously considering Jon Hamm.

ScreenRant reports:

According to our friends at Think Mcfly Think, one candidate for the gig is fan-favorite Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame.

TMT’s source claims that Warner Bros. has “seriously considered” Hamm for the role but the actor is 39 years of age, a tough sell if they want to make a franchise out of this (which they do).

  • aris

    age is not a problem. downey was over 43 as Iron Man in 2008. he’s a great actor, so he nailed it. Hamm is a seriously good actor, I’m sure he’d be awesome. been thinking about it for a while, after a non successful superman by brandon routhe, why not Jon Hamm? and please don’t ever consider that chuck guy. don’t ever. he can’t act. if this one will be in the hand of nolan, they really should consider a serious actor.

    jon hamm is not too old, we need a very charismatic figure for our superguy. seriously

  • Cable

    I would like to see Michael O’hearn take the role of Sups as he did in the Worlds Finest fake trailer.

  • 420BAND

    Nahh….Hamm looks too old. Routh was a great fit and was as close as you get to the beloved Christopher Reeve. I know he was just an actor and these roles shouldn’t be defined by the actors BUT SHIT! if Reeves wasn’t Supe’s too all of us! and changing it again would be a little off (Batman is a different story altogether we were already subjected to the 5 different guys or whatever!) But Superman should be handled differently IMO and bringing Routh back shouldn’t be a huge deal or confusing in any way..

    my 2 cents

    • riggs

      routh wasnt superman at all, he was more clark kent.

    • Chuck

      Routh was nothing more than Bizarro. He’ll never be Superman in my generation, he’s just a basterdized Christopher Reeve. Reeve was Superman in the 70s and 80s, like how Keaton was Batman of the 80s and 90s. Bale is now Batman, AND HAMM should be Superman. Enough of these “I love Christopher Reeve” movies, Donner’s Superman hasn’t been profitable since 1980’s Superman 2. Clearly, the audience doesn’t care if Reeve or a Reeve look a like (Routh) plays Superman.

      Save Superman!

      Give us Hamm or give us DEATH!

  • I’m all for this. Perhaps WB wants to try something like an “Alex Ross”-looking Superman look alike for a change.

  • Wayne

    Maybe with a lot of makeup work or a hell of an exercise routine you could get rid of those massive lines and jowls that show up when he has any expression except calm disdain. Routh was a lot better, just handicapped by having to literally fill Reeve’s shoes. Let him be his own Superman and see if the result is not a lot better.

  • Anti-Septic

    I thought Jon Ham would have made a better Captain America but age was an issue there as well. Not against Hamm as Supes, as many have suggested I am tired of the whole Lex Luthor storyline. Sorry, I find repeating the Lex Luthor storylines over and over even more retarded than the age issue.

    I know Lex is supposed to be Supes greatest foe, but quite frankly I have seen enough of Lex Luthor to last me a lifetime. Supes really needs some new villains to stir interest in the movie franchise again.

    Brandon Routh is terrible, find someone else.

  • Belen

    I think they should use Tom Welling. He is already Superman and he would rock the role.

  • Geno

    Looking at the photo and the alex ross painting reference in the background I can see Hamm potraying the Man of Steel. And as far as his age I don’t think that should make much of a difference. Robert Downy Jr is around his forties and was in good shape taking on a physical role of Iron Man. Even he was in a suit of armor, it still demanded that be in top physical shape I’m sure he was sweating his ass off wearing that thing. And also look at Stallone, sixty something years old and friggin ripped coming out in an action movie. So I don’t think Hamm’s age should be an issue. If can play a mature Supes and have the physical prowess to potray him I say go for it. Routh did an ok job as Supes but I really didn’t like the way they designed the costume, the colors were too dark and something about those bikini briefs?

  • Derek 8-Track

    Hamm would be better for a Dark Knight Ruturns Superman. or Mel Gibson

    • Jon

      Mel Gibson: “You should just fuckin smile and blow me!!!!”

      • Derek 8-Track


  • Hamm would make an excellent choice. I’m not worried about the tights. They can make him look good — tights or not. Actually, it’s kind of hard to make him look bad…

    If they don’t go Hamm — or don’t go with someone who would present a very different Superman — then they may as well go with Routh. He wasn’t what was wrong with Superman Returns. In fact, I’d go so far as to say he was one of the very few things that was *right* with Superman Returns and helped make the darn thing worth watching. I’m all for a different Superman if they want the character played differently, but if they want a classic Superman, I find a hard time believing they’d find too many people who could both look and act the part better.