TMB Casting Agency: Joss Whedon’s Avengers

With Joss Whedon being considered a done deal already to direct The Avengers, we also get news that while the ink is drying, that part of the deal will be Joss’ getting to rewrite the script.

So will the Hulk be back? This opens the doors to new ideas that were previously said were not being considered. But more so, it gives us a chance to have a little fun.

Joss Whedon has a habit of re-using his favourite actors when his shows fold, and with this new TMB Casting Agency feature, I thought it would be great to just take that blind assumption that everyone not already cast for an Avengers role would now be filled with actors from Joss Whedon’s shows!

Now Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and Captain America (Chris Evans) are obviously already cast, but lets look at some of the rest of the potential roster.

Hawkeye/Clint Barton – Adam Baldwin
Typecast as playing the military man with an affinity for guns and violence, Adam Baldwin would be a perfect match to the once petty theif and later master ballistics expert who is unrivalled with a bow, recruited to the Avengers.
Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff – Charisma Carpenter
While I was tempted to cast every Whedonite’s favourite redheaded witch in this role, I think the more mature and still very appealing Charisma Carpenter should play the Scarlet Witch. Thor will already introduce a supernatural element, so the proability altering mutant is not out of place with the tech advanced or superhuman teammates.
Wasp/Janet van Dyne – Amy Acker
Wasp always did a have a fun and sexy style to her, so why not have the resident Whedonite shy girl play her? Amy Acker is a beautiful girl who has that “she doesn’t know it” charm to her, which with a bob haircut would make her the perfect Wasp.
Black Panther/T’Challa – Richard Brooks
Brooks played the bounty hunter Jubal Early in Firefly, and I think he would be a great choice among the Whedon alums to play Black Panther. He has proven to have the physicality of the role down, though he might have to beef up. Still, his presence and calm demeanor would be appropriate to embody the Wakandan Prince T’Challa.
Vision – Neil Patrick Harris
I could see the synthezoid Vision as a CG character entirely, with the voice of Neil Patrick Harris delivering his stoic and serious tones. Why? Well NPH is in great shape so he wouldnt mind filming the whole thing in a mo-cap bodyglove, and while they repress his humour, there is likely to be a lot of great footage for the blooper reel. But seriously NPH can deliever a monologue like no other, and Vision is the likely source of inhuman wisdom that often steers the Avengers when their way is lost.
AntMan?GiantMan/Henry Pym – Nathan Fillion
Regardless of whether they use Antman or Giantman, it will be Henry Pym and he will get to make the moves on the Wasp. What girl can resist Fillions charms? Besides that Pym is a broken man with a dependancy on prozak, and Fillion plays flawed in a unique way that it becomes part of his character, not a detraction from it. Pym would be perfect for him.

Now this is assuming that he would go with this particular line up. We could play this game all day with the full Avengers roster. And even more speculation about who might play the villains in this ensemble adventure could keep this list going on forever.

Who would you pick if Whedon said you were the casting agent and you could ONLY use Whedon Alums?

(For the record – I don’t think he will use the alums – but if the role fits right I wouldn’t put it past him)

  • Right on Rodney. I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • Cinema Phreak

    As much as I like your picks (I do realize this is kind of your dream list) I don’t see these guys making the cut. If they do get the likes of Robert downey JR, ed norton, Chris evans, Sam Jackson, Etc. this cast would not fit in with that cast. these guys are actors who have only really made names for themselves within the whedon world or have not gone on to out do their whedon roles with anything else. And as much as I do like your list of actors, they are television stars, they just don’t fit the mold of the more serious actors that seem to already fill those roles. I guess only time will tell and we will see who they inevitably cast.

    • Not my “dream list” just having fun with the casting since ever since Joss was announced as the guy for the job every blog seems to be jumping to this conclusion.

      I do disagree that these couldn’t fit with the rest of the actors. If handled right they could put one or two of these guys there, but for the fans if they were ALL there (wont happen) it would just be a Whedon wankfest.

  • 420BAND

    How bout skippin’ Antman and going w/ Yello Jacket I loved that story Arc in the 80’s comics!