Robert Downey Jr’s Gay Comments May Axe Sherlock 2

Whoa there Downey! Seems your off the cuff style of saying the right thing has got you in a tiny bit of hot water.

His comments in an interview that suggested Sherlock Holmes and Watson “could” be gay has raised an eyebrow of the wrong person. The one person that could stop him from getting to play the character again.

Andrea Plunket, who holds the copyright to the super sleuth in the US, says that if Guy Ritchie and company plan to pursue a homosexual storyline for Holmes and Watson, they can forget about releasing a sequel. “It would be drastic, but I would withdraw permission for more films to be made if they feel that is a theme they wish to bring out in the future,” Plunket was reported as saying in Total Film.

“I am not hostile to homosexuals, but I am to anyone who is not true to the spirit of the books.”

Now Plunket might want to watch that film again. Hell, check out the trailer. I haven’t seen the movie and even in the trailer it seems they have a deep bromance going on, which is teased as them being gay by one of the (hottest) title characters “they have been flirting like this all day”

Plunket is criticizing that she would not allow the film to have a sequel if they persue this gay storyline. Because it is “not true to the spirit of the books”

The biggest criticism of the film leading in was that this was NOT a traditional Sherlock Holmes. He is messy, eccentric borderline crazy and inappropriate. The Sherlock in the books and in every other film rendition of him he has been calm, introspective, wise, and a pure gentleman.

So that he “flirts” with his bestie is just one more thing on a train that is already off the rails.

After confronted on her statement Plunket seems to backpedal saying “I hope this is just an example of Mr. Downey’s black sense of humor”.

I don’t know if this will see a sequel, but if it does it will likely be based on its current success. It would make sense to keep elements that made the first one succeed.

  • Jess

    Holmes & Watson certainly weren’t gay in the books, and personally I got no such impressions from this movie.

    If they do decide to pursue a homosexual storyline I won’t complain–I’ll just choose not to see it. But I’d feel the same way if they tried to give him a new female love interest. It just wouldn’t “feel” like Holmes & Watson to me, and this movie, while enjoyable, was enough of a stretch from what I always imagined them to be. For instance, it always seemed to me that Holmes was more asexual than anything. What does he need romance or sex with *anyone* for? He sees it as completely useless. In *that* way a relationship of any kind would be against the spirit of the books. Calling this woman, while she did totally jump to conclusions, a homophobe or whatever else is just being bitter.

    No, don’t force homosexuality on an existing, *straight* iconic character. Just create an even more awesome gay one.

    All that said, that comment was definitely just Downey’s sense of humor and I don’t think anything will come of it.

  • Chazzy

    Its pretty good, a lot of boring parts tho. I like it when they slow him down to show just exact how he fights, but still it can get boring i fell asleep like three times in the movie. It is reccomended for the older audiences because some of the material can not be understood by the lower age group. I give it a three out of five

  • Yawn.

    First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way:
    There are no homosexual overtones in the film. None. Zippo. What started this stuff in the first place is Downey’s kidding around last August. Remember that? Some folks took him seriously. All it did was still up buzz for the film. Anyway, Holmes and Watson are as gay or bi as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Or Bert and Ernie, for that matter. Nothing here, move along.

    Second, the film has made its money. Chances are a sequel will happen at some point.

    Third…how many times has Sherlock Holmes been adapted and changed for films and television? This is just another version of the character, another interpretation.

    Fourth- what’s the worst that can happen here? Find a public domain Sherlock Holmes book and adapt it? My, my, the scandal.

  • “I hope this is just an example of Mr. Downey’s black sense of humor”.

    i just think of tropic thunder when i read that

    • You, sir just made me laugh out loud.

  • I think Guy Ritchie’s interpretation of the character and the update he makes is great. And I find the relationship between Sherlock and Watson very interesting…I wouldn’t mind at all if they twist it to the gay side…I fact I’ll love it. For people like the woman who’s affraid of it or all the people saying its not right is exactly why we need to turn a famous well-known character gay…so people can see it as it is: NORMAL.

  • meli

    Wow, I wonder if this woman saw the interview where Downey made these remarks? It was when he was on the David Letterman show and yes, he was joking.