Natalie Portman talks The Professional 2

Its long been the stance of Luc Besson that his classic contract killer film The Professional would not be sequeled with him involved. The film starred a very young Natalie Portman who is now on record saying she would be up for a sequel, but only if Besson directs.

MTV says:

Years have passed, director Luc Besson has gone on record as refusing to helm a second installment, and nothing seems likely to change. Portman herself told us recently that she’s even declined to read the script.

“I have never read it because Luc won’t direct it himself, and so I’m only interested if he [directs],” she said while at the Toronto Film Festival promoting “Black Swan.”

I think that this would make a great story if they did sequel The Professional catching up with her character so much later, but I agree that Luc Besson should do it, and seeing as how he still says he won’t… it wont happen.

If they sequel it without the same cast or director? The Professional: Havana Nights

  • Liberal Juggalo supremacist

    Well that sucks. :(

  • god this is something that has to happen! Matilda meets the Matrix(leather and effects style) kinda sound cool lol!
    Stay strong Nat,(holding out for Luc)
    Come on Luc, (you could pull this off)
    R.I.P. Leon and Standsfeild

  • Joseph

    Later for “Natalie”, personally I for one would much rather see another installment with “Leon” in the form of a prequel and the events that lead to his becoming a hit man as well as all the contract jobs put out by “Tony” before “Matilda’s appearance.

    I think it would be refreshing to see how “Leon” made the transition into a professional hit man as the film with “Portman” is fine as is so there is no point messing with its integrity, however, a film based solely on “Leon’s” character would definitely have great potential.

    A man in love who’s world is shattered driving him to avenge the lose he suffers and his subsequent journey toward becoming a hit man has all the earmarks of a winner.