Lost’s director to try Feature Films

The Smoke Monster has finally promoted it’s loyal director. After 6 great years of Lost, director/executive producer, Jack Bender, is finally ready to prove his skills on the big screen.

THR reports:

First, the director/executive producer, who helmed the “Lost” finale, signed on to perform the same duties on Syfy’s new “Alphas” pilot. And now a TV deal with “Lost” production mastermind Bad Robot is in the offing. The one-year first-look development deal would have Bender developing projects and helming a pilot for Warner Bros. Television next spring. While several ideas are being discussed, none has yet been locked down. Bad Robot’s production deals are with Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. TV, which is producing the forthcoming NBC series “Undercovers” and Bad Robot’s Fox creeper “Fringe,” both co-created by BR’s J.J. Abrams. The benefit of locking Bender into the WBTV deal is that it frees him to work on a potential Paramount feature, as well. Insiders say that is a likely scenario.

I’m glad for him. I mean, almost all of the episodes he directed for Lost, where in fact the best. Episodes like: The Constant, Walkabout, The End, and many more. For 6 seasons he delivered great action pieces and awesome, beautiful shots of Hawaii. He has an uncanny talent for directing actors on intense scenes; full of mistery or tension. And he has a great touch for beautiful character based moments.

I hope we get to see him try out a feature film. Let’s see if his TV directing chops can translate to the big screen. And if he can get his pal, Lost’s music director/composer, Michael Giacchino, to help out…he’s got a great shot. Why’s that? Well because Giacchino’s scores are full of awesomeness. See (Up) and (Lost).

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