Clash of the Titans to be a Trilogy

Seems that when Louis Leterrier was handed the keys to the Greek Gods summer home, Clash of the Titans was born, and if it does well is already planned to be a Trilogy.

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After talking about the possibility of releasing an extended version, Leterrier revealed that: “On top of that, I wrote two other movies… It was three movies. Warners came to me and said ‘we’ll greenlight your movie if you promise us [two more.]'” He continues, “You can tell that that story the story doesn’t end at the Clash of the Titans

While the planned Trilogy gimmick seemed to be replaced by “lets make everything 3D!” it seems that the plan is still in motion to create film franchises with intended sequels.

Intended sequels have a little more promise for me as they can work hints and foreshadowing into a bigger story instead of having a stand alone complete story do well at the boxoffice and have the money trucks driving another installment.

I am exceited about Clash of the Titans, and if it lives up I would be eager to see more too.

  • Robb Wo

    A trilogy sounds awesome. I just don’t want a 3-part, 5-yr movie. Not that the studios ever really take notice, but I would hope they’ll come up with a new, compelling story like the the original they took this from, instead of just cranking out 2 more while the cash is funneling in. Maybe not 2 sequels, but 2 more Greek mythology action movies, with some common elements from the first.

  • I CANNOT wait to see this. It looks EPIC, and hopefully doesn’t end up disappointing like “Troy” did. The Kraken and that scorpion look so damn cool.

  • Drunken Monster

    Sometimes I hate it when studios announce these things when we haven’t even seen the first movie yet. I mean as that guy in Fanboys said: “Hey guys, what if the movie sucks?”

    I mean take Transformers, even if the first one is half-decent, did you ask for the train wreck that was TF2?!

    I’ll approve/disapprove this message after I see it.

    • There is no approving or disapproving required. The statement is valid even with your opinion on the situation.

      The point is that when they planned to undertake a remake of this classic film, they did so anticipating it could be a franchise and not just a stand alone product.

      There is nothing wrong with that. If they fail at making a financially successful film, they will cut their losses at one. If not, they can keep going.

      Its the films that are intended to stand alone that they have to force more out of that end up sucking because it doesn’t make sense to go on.

  • 420BAND

    LOTR was the exception and not even close to the rule..

    those movies are on another planet next to the others I’ve mentioned (in reference to filming together)

  • T-VO

    Plenty of greek mythos to pull stories from. I approve this message!