Brandon Routh will get Superman Screentest

But also the repeated fan cries that despite not liking Superman Returns all that much, they still want to see Brandon Routh take on the role.

International Friend Kalelship tipped me off to a few articles about the Superman Reboot and the first of which talks about the potential that Brandon Routh will get the chance to prove himself. says:

Nolan has acknowledged that Routh certainly looks the part, and will offer him a screentest. In discussing the prospect of casting him, he is worried about the general audience thinking the reboot has anything to with Superman Returns. There will be a difference in how they approach the characterization as well. Singer for example, kept Clark Kent similar to the Donner interpretation. Nolan wants to try something different and offer Clark up as the new “talent” and will be more competition than an undercover hero. That is right Byrnes fans, gone is the bumbling Mr. Kent.

Now this by no means says that Routh will get the gig.

Remember that they CHOSE Routh to begin with because he looked and portrayed the part a certain way. The Nolan Reboot will take a different approach to Superman – which the reboot needs – and will have Kent be a confident and talented journalist. This adds a completely different feel to the character while both the mild mannered reporter and Superman will be confident characters with a strong presence.

Bumbling gee-golly Kent was easy to dismiss as a connection to the Man of Steel, but while this new take on Kent will have him noticed a lot more, he has to get noticed for different things for those glasses to trick anyone.

Routh will have to audition as though he had never played Superman before, and hopefully if he can convince Nolan, he can convince viewers that this film is not tied in any way to Superman Returns.

As much as I want to see Routh as Superman, that connection to Superman Returns would be obvious and detracts from the point of Rebooting it. But if he gets picked and can convince me this isn’t the same Superman, I might be overly curious to see him try.

  • Yowsa

    2 for 2 on your Jonah not directing Supes story and this one. It seems Routh is not ruled out by Snyder. Could be a good thing, though I think someone else will still get the role.

  • nate

    I agree with a comment made above by CHRIS….perhaps it could be similar to SUPERMAN 3….not the story line but the concept. Lets not have Lois Lane or Lex Luthor in this one. We already know that we arent getting another origin story….its only just a SEMI REBOOT. Bringing Routh is still plausible and it can be explained to the fans that the bumbling KENT has transformed into a confident one …perhaps Perry White has advised that he get some “therapy” or maybe he just makes a conscious decision to be a different person…more outgoing etc. people in real life change in this way all the time…..and we all know that the Bumbling KENT facade is just an act anyway. ROUTH could still get the part and have it all still make sense without confusing anyone if its been explained in the film which is entirely possible since NOLANS films are all about dissecting the character and teaching the viewers who these people are internally …. ROUTHBOOT!

  • Teo

    I hope he gets it!!!!!!! He truly deserves another chance! And I know of the best Lois Lane ever – Zooey Deschanel!!!!