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Your entire life your parents may have repeatedly told you that you weren’t using your full potential. That you could be something big, something special, that your smart you just don’t apply yourself. Well what if there was a drug that could melt away the fear of failing, and instead allowed your brain to work at full capacity. No more writers block, brain farts, or hours wasted on making a simple decision. Well that’s what the film Limitless is all about, Bradley Cooper in what seems could be one of his best roles thus far was a struggling writer with no ambitions until a friend let him in on a little secret. A pill that when taken regularly increases the productivity of your brain and sky rockets you to success.

The trailer looks awesome in my opinion, and an original idea as well. Tack on Robert DeNiro and you got yourself a film. Can’t wait to watch this in theatres.

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3 thoughts on “Limitless Trailer

  1. hi there,

    loved the film just up my street….what is the recurring song through it and who is it by?? it is also on at the end??

  2. I realize you’re likely onto more current films, but after seeing Limitless what did you think Dan?

    I thought it was great. It was fun, wild and very entertaining. The artistic effects were well-done and added to what I found to be a really captivating thrill ride, and they didn’t need 3-D to accomplish that. When the camera begins to lag and transition into tunnel vision as buildings sped by in an incredible blur, I felt like I was on the drug.

    I always enjoy a good psychological thriller, but never has one been illustrated like this, based around a pill that allows you to access your full brain power and activate neural circuits that you didn’t know existed. I loved that part of the movie; the points in the film when I recognized some of the terminology they used. It’s nice to be able to apply some of the knowledge that I got out of a degree in Psychology. Even if it is a film, and a work of fiction, there is SOME truth to it.

    The opening segment with Cooper standing on the ledge of the rooftop balcony was the greatest way to begin the ride and draw an audience in within the first 5 seconds. If 5 seconds is all any movie had to engage a viewer, Limitless achieved it in incomparable form.

    I love that style of filmmaking, entering at the climax of the story and tracing back to the events that led to that point. The Hangover used that style, when Bradley Cooper (Phil) is standing in the middle of the desert talking on the phone with Tracy, which was appropriately used given the premise of the film.

    Partly what made that opening scene so epic was the music. Sometimes a good track enhances a movie significantly, like Kanya West’s song “Power” did for Limitless. And sometimes it works vice versa. I would not have appreciated that song, or the song called “Howlin’ For You” by The Black Keys, as much as I do now if it had not been attached to the movie.

    I am surprised it took 10 years to finally release a film adaptation of The Dark Fields. It’s an exceptionally original idea, which are few and far between nowadays.

    I thought the film was intense and enthralling when it needed to be, and stepped back at the right moments to give Cooper the floor and showcase his pure raw talent as an A-list actor. Superb.

    What are your thoughts?

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