Kirsten Dunst talks All Good Things Sex Scene

Kirsten Dunst took a two year hiatus from the big screen and I am not sure anyone noticed. But what raises an eyebrow now is that the first film back in the game – All Good Things – she offers up a cavalier explaination of a steamy sex scene with her co-star Ryan Gosling (who is getting all sorts of on screen lovin lately)

Huffington Post quotes:

“What happens is, I come into the shower with Ryan, and for my character, it’s a smart ploy,” she told the magazine’s website. “What happened in the shower scene, she comes in and we start making out, and I gesture that I’m going to go down on him. And then I do.”

Dunst added: “It’s her gesture of coming into the shower and making him feel good, and in doing so, trying to get what she wanted. So I thought it was appropriate.”

It seems this more suggestive scene has been removed from the theatrical release but it is speculated the scene will make it into the DVD Special Features or Extended Cut of the film.

Sounds pretty racy, but appropriate to the scene as her character attempts to manipulate Gosling’s character.