H.R. Giger Rumoured to be working on Alien Prequel

H.R. Giger, the artist who created much of the visual aspects of Ridley Scott’s Alien (and won an Oscar for it) is rumoured to be involved in Scott’s Alien Prequel.

Ramascreen shares:

the following is not confirmed yet but it seems like H.R. Giger‘s Wife, Carmen Scheifele, said in a video interview that her husband, the Swiss surrealist painter is working on the ALIEN Prequel.

Giger’s designs are immortalized in Scott’s film, and I do like that he is taking the same designer on board who helped shape the very image we have come to know as the Alien.

Considering they are expanding the lore from before the first film (so far in just one film, though rumoured to be two) it makes sense that he would want this guy’s visuals handy.