First Look at Megatron in Transformers Dark of the Moon

We get our first look at Megatron, returning for Transformers Dark of the Moon, and he is not at all what I expected. He will be a rugged looking transport truck.

Above we see the toy image, and below we see the toy in vehicle mode comparison as well as the on set validation that Megatron will be a truck.

This is very non-traditional for Megatron who for two movies did not stoop to adopting a human vehicle form, and will now be some non-combat vehicle. Granted its a very large vehicle, so he will still be massive in bot mode.

Megatron has been a pistol, a cannon, Tank and flying alien combat jet. Even in Transformers Animated he was a unique helicopter/jet hybrid thing, but still combat.


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18 thoughts on “First Look at Megatron in Transformers Dark of the Moon

  1. Wow, Megatron as this truck really hit the spot.
    In the movie, megatron is a beaten up and crippled robot (as he left in TF2) The Cloth is to hide his battered and mutilated head.
    So cool and so appropriate.

  2. 1) Why is Megatron disguised?

    2) The shoulder cloth is highly distracting

    3) It looks amazingly cool for a 2ndary decepticon (Like Brawl or Bonecrusher) but not fit for Lord Megatron.

    I mean… he went from Alien jet plane, to alien tank of destruction…. to a earth-made truck that carries what looks like…oil?

    talk about a downgrade.

    and as far as cars being Autobots and planes being Decepticons…. robots look at that rule the same way we look at the “no sex before marriage” and “dont drink in the morning” rules. Ancient.

    Jetfire and Barricade are too cool for school, rebels.

  3. I thing the idea of the robots-transformer is they only can tranform in one thing.

    In the G1’s series, de space ship choose the form of every Transformer.

    Part of the magic of the series is lost thangs to that.

  4. No big deal. It never really matters what they transform into, considering they often break tradition in this movies series anyway, but it’s more important to know what he does when in that form and how he’s used.

    I like that he changes his transformation with every movie!

  5. Okkkkaayyy!!! I thought Decepticons were mostly air vehicles and the autobots were land vehicles, hince the name AUTObots. Well whatever… I guess they can take the form of anything they come in contact with if they are in their original technorganic form.

    1. You are right that the VERY FIRST toy line started that way (and alot of the cartoon characters come from that first line). Where the Autobots were all cars and the deceptions were aerials (and Soundwave and Megatron). But by the third series there were a ton of autobot plans and deception non-aerials.

      1. That’s actually incorrect. In the original series, the term “Autobot” was precisely because the good guys were all autos (cars, trucks, etc) of some sort.

  6. i find it funny that people never seem to look at these Vehicles (in the world of the movie) and be like “hmm…thats an odd looking truck…i wonder if it kills people and most of them have no driver”

  7. i love it!!! if the name’s megatron, i dont care if he is a swiss army knife, i love it. change never hurt anybody, especially if you are a transformer. in that case, its needed.

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