Van Damme, Crystal and Arkin in Greatest Muppet Movie?

The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made is…. being made, and three more names are being tossed around as guest appearances – Alan Arkin, Billy Crystal and Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Live for Films says:

THR have news on the next round of people who may be in it – Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alan Arkin and Billy Crystal.

Jane Lynch, a Judd Apatow staple and current Glee sensation was rumoured to have been approached, but that turned out to just be a rumour, so I have no reason to think these guys would be approached either.

However ANY star cameos are possible, so I wont discount the rumour out of hand either.

The story of The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made will revolve around the fictional Muppet Studios attempting to return to its glory days and ressurect a forgotten studio, so I anticipate many Hollywood actors making cameo appearances here.

Billy Crystal would be awesome as he comedy stylings go well with the Muppets gags, and Alan Arkin could play the villain trying to shut down the studio just as easily as he could be Segel’s character’s kind and inspiring father.

And if Van Damme is in it, I want to see him throw down and lose to Miss Piggy!

Who knows?