Mark Wahlberg joins Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

It was rumoured that Mark Wahlberg would take the lead role in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and nerdrage on fan forums errupted with disapproval, but before they could turn off their Playstations, the rumour rang true and today he is announced as signed to the role.

Get the Big Picture reports:

Mark Wahlberg has accepted the role of Nathan Drake in the video game adaptation/action film Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune .

We reported here that David O. Russell would be directing the movie, which immediately led to speculation that Wahlberg would be joining him, since the pair recently collaborated on The Fighter.

I think Wahlberg will do great in Uncharted. He has the presence and demeanor of a comat savvy treasure hunting adventurer that will make for a fun film.

Of course it is a video game movie, and we are trained to anticipate they will suck. However something like Drake’s Fortune can be more like a modern Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, and they can build the movie story around a character concept, and with a good script it will just be a fun adventure film and shake the stigma of a video game adaptation.

What do you think of Wahlberg in the role?

13 thoughts on “Mark Wahlberg joins Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

  1. I’m gutted that Mark Wahlberg has got this part, he just doesn’t suit it in my opinion & if they have changed to plot of the story to include Drake’s father & uncle god knows what else they will change. If they don’t stick true to the game then I’m very likely to give this a miss & might watch it when eventually it comes on the tv, it’s raining outside, I’m bored out of my head & there’s nothing else on tv to watch. So I’ll watch it as their won’t be anything to do….Oh wait, I could play Uncharted on the ps3.

  2. How disappointing. Mark Wahlberg has the acting range of my cat. He’s either angry and brooding or flashing that stupid smile and speaking in his little soft girly voice. I dont want to sound mean but his acting skill hasn’t evolved one bit in the last 16 years he’s been acting, sadly culminating in The Basketball Diaries, followed by lackluster performances and ghastly roles he’s somehow been given. It’ll be hard to watch him in this without remembering all his terrible movies in my mind.

  3. Two Words(1 name): Mark Walhberg

    He can play pissed off (other guys)
    he can play a cop pissed off(departed,We Own the Night)
    he can ruin a beloved franchise movie remake(Planet of the Apes)
    he can act like a pussy (Boogie Nights)
    he can call a role in from time to time(The Happening)

    that’s everymans man.
    and that man is Mark Walhberg.

    nuff said

  4. This is a movie being made only for the money. They won’t spend much time or money polishing the script or making any beneficial adjustments. They’ll just shoot and release, and it will be crap.

    1. that’s what im thinking. it seems a big buff name to take this role is a money maker. not saying walberg is a bad choice i loved him in the departed. i was hoping for a more indie aspect to this film. i’d like to see less boom and more story.

    2. Yo Cribbs

      Its not “for the money” because thats what all movies are made for. period.

      The reason why he was casted was because the director loves sucking on Wahlberg’s cock, this is like their 6th movie together. It would be awesome if Wahlberg played Max Payne so he could have actually done a good job in Max Payne portraying that character.

      And why are Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro in this movie???? And theyre NOT playing the sidekick and main villain, which would make sense (hence theyre the only two other main characters in the game besides Drake) Theyre actually playing the role of his dad and uncle. those characters arent even in the games! i mean, what…the fuck.

      Videogame movies have always sucked. Theres also the reversal… movie based videogames suck.

      This curse will be broken until they make a 1) Zelda movie or 2) Halo. (in my opinion… i mean those are two movies that you just cant fuck up…right? lol)

  5. I’m with you roman horrible choice. I seriously idiolize these games lol I’ve beaten both numerous times especially among thieves I seiously have played through that one like 15 times. They are by far the best games this generation but I’m getting off topic. I said a couple months Ago on here that fillion got my vote even before I knew they were making an uncharted movie. I would be sitting there playing the game and thinking this would make a badass movie and fillion would own it. I like walhberg as an actor but he just imo isn’t right for this role. I think he’s too muscular for one drake is not a big dude at all and his wit charm etc is a different kind than drake if that makes since. I don’t know im with all the fanboys and their rage on this one this is a horrible casting choice and it probably will continue the trend of game to movie failures sigh I had such hopes for this one the story was just made for a Hollywood blockbuster oh well.

  6. Mark walberg won’t b to bad but nathan fillion would of been better but the guy I think would of been the best is the guy that played the boat captian in anacondas hunt for blood orchid and he also played in tears of the sun he can play a badass and be charismatic or u cole hauser would of been good to

  7. This is horrible. Mark always looks pissed off in my opinion and that couldn’t be farther from Nathan Drake. I love these two games, they are the greatest triumphs in games this generation. I hate that they went with star power over substance. Mark is a good actor but he is the farthest from the character that i can think of.

    I know everyone said this but it is true Nathan Fillion is perfect for this role.

    I hate hate hate this casting. oh and Bob deniro and joe peshi are horrible for this.

    excuse my spelling i am in just such a rage over this.

  8. Drake is a witty, funny and charismatic character. So, it only seems logical that they chose a guy with such charm and surplus of positive funny vibe. I usually love his natural sence of humor and funny quips.

    thank god Wahlberg is known to be hollywoods most charismatic guy. hell do fine in this movie, since he always plays characters like Drake.

    or maybe they could have chosen someone that doesnt look like he just had a cat piss on his shoes 24/7

  9. Nathan Fillion has my vote. He’s the actor that comes closest to embodying Drake. Mark Warlberg, not so much. I don’t think he’ll get the vibe right. This will be another run of the mill video game adaption, right up there with DOOM starring the Rock.

  10. Like the rest of us nerds, I’m still wishing Nathan Fillion got the role. As for Wahlberg, I think people are more worried based on his… skills lately. After a slew of rather disappointing movies, (namely Max Payne and the Happening), I’m thinking most people are convinced that he’ll lack that presence that Fillion would bring. Although I will admit, after seeing Wahlberg in the other guys, my hopes are elevated.

    1. Not all nerds like Nathion Fillion for every role. I actually like the guy and his indy like swagger but the fanboys ruin it for me. As for Mark he is a good looking guy that looks the role except the dude always comes across like a fairy (not gay just kind whimsical in his demeanor). I liked him in a few movies so I know he has it..but really the way drake is he can play it off because drake was not some super bad ass in his demeanor. He was just bad ass at everything else.

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