Lost Back to the Future Biff Tannen Museum Clip Online

Remember in Back to the Future 2, there was a video playing that caught up Marty McFly with the very different 1985 in which Biff Tannen was all influential and powerful?

Well the Biff Tannen Museum infomercial is now revealed here in its entirety. Check it out:

Apparently this was saved on VHS and was in the collection of a fan who was close to someone working on the film. Or their neighbour’s dog. We don’t know for sure.

I was surprised this isnt a special feature on the Bluray collection, but still really fun to see.


3 thoughts on “Lost Back to the Future Biff Tannen Museum Clip Online

  1. That’s amazing, I had no idea there was more to that museum video. I really miss the original narrator and the music that was played in the movie. But still, this is really cool to see!

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