Introducing Idiot Box The Official Home of Correct TV Opinions

Introducing the brand new Idiot Box!

I started working on right at inception, and grew from associate writer, to primary staff to finally take over the site as its Senior Editor.

But Movies and TV tend to go hand in hand, yet I really didn’t have a place on TheMovieBlog to talk about TV stuff. I bent the rules a few times, but honestly it really didn’t belong on that site.

So a few years back we tried TheTVShowBlog and the only way we could see it working is to recruit fans to write about their favourite shows and episode recaps. We figured this would be fairly cyclical as these shows ran in seasons and three quarters of the year there would be no coverage from that show.

Well the idea fizzled out with about 3 months of running the site. I struggled as to how it failed and realized we had a winning model already on our hands. is never lacking stuff to talk about, so why should a TV site?

So this is what you can expect here. The same type of coverage you would expect to find over at, but all about TV stuff.

Where there is crossover, you might see an article posted on both sites, but this will be your Official Home of Correct TV Opinions

The name of the site, of course harkens back to a day where eggheads decided that spending too much time in front of a TV would melt your brain. Thus the nickname Idiot Box was given to TVs.

Special Thanks to Richard M (who was actually a co-host on my TMB Uncut Podast) who gave me the idea!

So come on by and check out Idiot Box and make it your daily read for TV news and opinion just like you have here!

21 thoughts on “Introducing Idiot Box The Official Home of Correct TV Opinions

  1. This made me think of you today Rodney. It was posted on a MMO Champion thread about needing better graphix

    “Lmfao, the terra online model is soooo bad. Reminds me of Rob Liefeld comics. If you don’t want to look like a neanderthal don’t play a human. Honestly can’t understand playing one in a fantasy setting in the first place. Maybe that’s just me. *shrug*”


  2. Is that a TV plug coming out that persons ass or is it RCA Cables?

    then again, it could be HDMI gold plated but that would be more painful!
    either way, CONGRATS FELLAS!

    Idiot box
    Boob Tube

    it’s all good

  3. Hopefully this will be a venue for me to complain about the cancellation of SyFy’s “Caprica.” The wounds are still so fresh…

  4. I had thought of that EXACT website name but didn’t send it to you with my other suggestions because I never thought that you would go with it!

    I thought that the negative connotation that the word “idiot” might have had with some prospective browsers would have taken it out of the running immediately. However, I’m glad that you went that direction with the name. KUDOS to you my friend and good luck!

    We all watch too much TV so why not just embrace the idiocy of it all and enjoy?

  5. After making a comment you are always brought back to the post you made the comment in.

    You can always return to the main page by clicking HOME at the top of the page.

    1. “After making a comment you are always brought back to the post you made the comment in”

      The cake is a lie. And Pacheco seconded me… so… yeah.

      TO CLARIFY… I don’t have the same issue with IB. Just TMB.

      1. Could be your browswer (and his) because I don’t see the issues you are talking about, and Idiotbox is using the same layout and script as this site and does the same thing there as it does for me.

        Sorry, I don’t know how to “fix” this issue you are experiencing.

    2. And I COULD press “home”.. except when I hit “submit comment” I’m faced with a blank page. My comment is still posted, but I don’t know that until I hit “back” a few times.

      It’s not a huge deal, just an inconvenience really.

  6. I’m confused why when I enter a comment on IB, it takes me back to the article (as it should)… while on TMB I have to click the “back” button a few times to get back to the homepage?

    Perhaps, fix?

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