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Hall Pass is a film about two married men who have the curse of a wandering eye. When one of the men is caught checking out another woman’s bum his wife her and her friend decide to give their husbands a ‘Hall Pass’. This hall pass allows the two men to have 6 days to do whatever they want with no consequences.

The premise for this movie kind of reminds me of that episode in Arrested for Development when Tobias and Lindsay get advice from their marriage councillor that they should try an exercise where they have an open relationship and try and go on dates with other people.

The movie looks funny and the cast is great, even though the premise for the film is one of the most recycled ideas out there I think it could still be a fun film to watch. Even though I could see a lot of couples coming out of the theatres with their partners asking “If I gave you a hall pass would you actually sleep with someone else?” in which they’d respond “pfft are you kidding me honey why would I sleep with anyone when I can sleep with you anytime I want *wink*”

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3 thoughts on “Hall Pass Trailer

  1. Forget the Arrested Development elation. The “hall pass” notion was one of the main story arcs of the entire fourth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  2. The Farrelly Brothers made some ridiculously funny movies early in their careers, but it’s been a loooooong time since they made one that was more than a little funny. Hopefully this will be a return to that early form for them.

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