Greatest Muppet Movie Set Pictures Online

Jim Henson Studios has been temporarily transformed into Muppet Studios, including the iconic Studio lot entrance arch.

Some shots were taken on set to show just how delapitated the Muppet’s Studio will have become for the film,

I love seeing these run down locations and as sad as it is to see the Electric Mayhem tour bus all weathered and rusted, you know the feelgood plot of the movie will restore the Muppets to their former glory.

And hopefully re-invigorate the franchise as well. Its been too long for a Muppet Feature film!


4 thoughts on “Greatest Muppet Movie Set Pictures Online

  1. Jason was hilarious in Freaks and Geeks(great show period.)Knocked-up, and pretty good in FSM. but I love you man was a little off.
    I’m just sayin’ I dont really see it being awesome with his name attached as a givin. He played w/ Muppet type dolls in FSM. but I really haven’t been exposed to his “Muppet side” besides that. (last part of that movie).
    like I said. I hope this rocks cause the world could use some Muppet Love these days.

    I will keep an open mind bro.

  2. I really like the direction that they are taking this new Muppet film. They could’ve done a standalone Muppet film with the gang in full gear, or another adaption, but story-wise it probably wouldn’t have made me as interested in the film as this has.

    This is the first time in over a decade that I’ve been legitimately intrigued by a Muppets film.

    1. Yeah, me too I guess, the only thing that actually scares me a little is the guy’s making it. I know he’s a comedy guy and all (even though his last 2 comedies fell flat for me when he was the lead guy) I dont think he’ll fit. BUT I HOPE I’M WRONG!

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