Emma Stone to Star in Untitled Unwritten Will Gluck Film

Will Gluck must have really liked working with Emma Stone when he made Easy A with the nerdy nymph. Before he even has a script, title or even an outline for his next film, he has plans in place with to make another movie after she’s done with the Spider-Man reboot.

Gluck will write, direct and produce the currently untitled (and all but unknown) film as he finishes off work on the Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis rom-com Friends with Benefits. Stone, of course, will be slightly busy for the next few months, starring alongside Andrew Garfield in Marc Webb’s new Spider-Man. But once she’s finished with the web-slinger, the plan is for her to work on the new film next summer.

There is no script yet, and he isn’t even sure what its going to be about. That has to be flattering that before he made the characters he already knows it will star Emma Stone.

It’s not a stretch to say he is writing this movie for her as so far Stone is the only thing this movie has in it.