Unauthorized Borat Sequel in Production

A Kazakh filmmaker named Erkin Rakishev is making an unofficial sequel to Borat called “My Brother, Borat” and focus around Bilo. The hope is that this unauthorized sequel will show Kazakhstan in a more positive light and

Now I don’t think that the world view on Kazakhstan has suffered because of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat film, as it did far more to insult the American public than it did the Kazakhs.

You would have to be pretty gullable to assume that Borat or the ludicrous town he comes from and the ludicrous characters there represents the entire culture of Kazakhstan. The genius behind the film is that while all the ire and laughs seem to come at the expense of Borat himself as he bumbles his way with naivity and social faux pas, he points out flaws in the general public opinion and perceptions.

The people who should be offended are the Americans he mocks as he appears to be making the mistakes, but blundering into some very honest and narrow views that some people may hold. If anything, the film tends to make these individual Americans look stupid, and by that association risks to offend the American people.

And yet it was embraced and considered a success on this side of the world.

I do find the filmmaker’s reverse psychology approach hoping he gets sued for breaching copyright on his unauthorized film, but I think he puts too much importance on himself. I doubt Sacha Baron Cohen or anyone at the studio will care about this movie he is making.

This film will be out sometime in the first half of next year, and plans for an online download distribution.