New Zealand Crews Protest the MEAA Hobbit Boycott

After a very small and selective group of very loud mouths shot from the hip calling for their membership to boycott the biggest production to ever produce on their lovely shores its membership has made it very clear they do not agree.

I am talking about The New Zealand Actor’s Equity Union, and as a pre-emptive strike they made some demands for fair treatment of their actors, threatening the production of The Hobbit (set to film in New Zealand) with a boycott of their membership. Jackson, not to be manhandled proved that they had nothing to worry about and their concerns were addressed, but then countered with a fuckyouverymuch and started to look at alternative filming locations that included Europe.

This news was not overlooked by the Equity Union’s membership who were quick to arrange a meeting with Sir Richard Taylor who heads Weta Workshop to let him know that they are not in agreement with the boycott they were encouraged to participate in.

MarketSaw quotes Taylor:

“Everyone gathered felt that they had done their part in assuring the New Zealand film industry that they care passionately about seeing the Hobbit made in New Zealand and that the industry as a whole should be left as it is for the successful and ongoing future of film making in New Zealand.”

“Wellington film technicians want to be heard. They want to be represented in these very bizarre and strange events that are going on right now.”

“The producers are doing all that they can to retain the film here in New Zealand.

“By the actions of a very limited few, a huge fraternity of film makers, technicians, and artists will be affected.”

Taylor was also expressed his opinion that the New Zealand film industry was “at some level of peril” and told TVNZ there was a mood of “great concern”.

It is very important to note that the Actor’s Equity union has NOT received full support from the actors and that Peter Jackson refuses to meet with them.

So after all that posturing by the Actor’s Equity Union, the real power behind that organization want their bosses to piss up a rope and are hoping to change Peter Jackson’s mind, and bring that production back to New Zealand.

And today the Technicians membership joined that protest invading the streets to show their support and trying to keep one of the biggest productions to film there in New Zealand.

This might all be too little too late, as Jackson has already begun making arrangements to film this elsewhere and a NEW actors and technicians union has been formed and accepting membership assuring them that they would not be boycotting The Hobbit production.

For the sake of the Kiwis, I hope they get the film done there. Personally I just want it done.

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