Concept Art Reveals Green Lantern Homeworld

Warner Brothers has released a piece of concept art that reveals what the alien landscape of the Lantern Corp’s home planet Oa in the upcoming DC film Green Lantern.

The piece looks amazing and if they get half this good in the movie, the alien world will still be fantastic. Considering so much of this movie is scheduled to take place in space, (sadly limiting our exposure to the visage of Blake Lively, but also making us awkwardly admit we want to see Killowog instead) seeing Oa is impressive.


4 thoughts on “Concept Art Reveals Green Lantern Homeworld

  1. Anybody see the (kinda) simularities to Thor’s home(Asgard) in the Trailer?

    simular building structures that have curves and pointy edges, this one feels like the same but with different color palate background and of course alot of green.

    point is (if I have one), that they all have some sort of video game feel to it. (I can picture them using the camera sweeps, and circuling around the city like in the Thor trailer.)

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