Bruckheimer talks Top Gun 2 and Tom Cruise

All that Top Gun 2 rumours are building up steam and now it looks like official talks are taking place to make it happen. They even have an early treatment that leaves room for a minor role for Tom Cruise.

Vulture reports:

Bruckheimer let slip that he had been “recently approached again to start talking about [a sequel]” but noted that “the aviation community has completely changed since we made the movie a long time ago.” Since 1986, the TOPGUN syllabus has been changed so the focus is far less on the spectacular and dramatic air-to-air dogfights that defined Top Gun and far more about teaching US pilots to drop very large bombs on very small ground targets.

But we’re told by a source close to the project that McQuarrie — who is friendly with Cruise — has found a way to incorporate Maverick, and what’s more, we hear that Cruise has to agreed to take a smaller role in the film, provided it’s not too “obvious” a part, i.e. Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell as grizzled Top Gun flight instructor.

I was wondering how they might include Maverick without making him an instructor. Maybe the plot of the film will be about how the current Top Gun Program has drifted focus away from the dogfighters, and they bring in a “Best of the Best” team of past Top Gun notables for an exhibition just as some terrorists cross international airspace and the Top Gun pilots are the closest option to respond.

Maverick will be taking Iceman’s place, as Val Kilmer is too fat to fly a jet.

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9 thoughts on “Bruckheimer talks Top Gun 2 and Tom Cruise

  1. Considering how predictable Hollywood is, the main character will probably be the offspring of Maverick and Kelly McGillis’ character. He will have a chip on his shoulder like Maverick regarding his dad. This character will hate Maverick, but must ultimately depend on him to show him the ways of a fighter pilot.

  2. Top Gun 2: Goose’s Revenge. We could see the Top gun school being haunted by Goose who destroys the new top gun fighter jets and old school jets are brought in for the cadets to use when the Russkies decide to end the cold war and Cruise leads the new Top guns into battle……..or something like that…..

  3. Maverick will be taking Iceman’s place, as Val Kilmer is too fat to fly a jet.

    Good stuff!

    how bout the girl? She was a hottie when that movie came out.
    Can we get Kenny Loggins to score the film? :)

  4. Val Kilmer too fat to fly jet…too funny! Seriously though, Cruise is still in great shape so I still think it should be a vehicle for him to star in. Minor role just doesn’t fit. Who is the audience supposed to connect with,some new young actor that the studio is pushing? The Demographic for this movie is primarly people who fundly remember going to the theather to see the first one. When I went to see it, I remember everyone driving their cars out of the theater parking lot super fast, as if they were piloting jet planes. Great memory of a movie that connected with the audience. That audience will more than likely want Cruise starring in the film.

    1. The demographic is whoever they sell it to.

      There is no story to keep Cruise the focus. Top Gun is elite combat flight school training, and as such every year there is a new class. I would suspect that 20 years later, Tom wouldn’t be in that class unless he is the teacher. And even if they went that way, the focus would be on the new class, not the teachers.

      1. Rodney I kinda liked your idea of having Cruise have to come in because the Top Gun school finds themselves facing a threat that are using aggressive dogfighting to combat our advanced fighters who have gotten away from it. They need Cruise to come in to not only teach but to lead the pilots in battle or they unwittingly find themselves along side their students. This problem in the military is more prevalent than you know. I re-entered the military at 42 (The military needed people so badly they instituted this policy where they took the prior service years served actively, in my case twelve and subtracted them from my current age with the result being my new age. (30)This was done to get over age restrictions.) After reentering the military you’d be surprised how many young soldiers were happy to have someone with my experience showing them so many things the military just doesn’t teach anymore. Some of the officers above me said they just didn’t have enough people still in who had experience to teach the youngsters coming in. It was pretty much the blind leading the blind. They downsized so much in the early ninties that it kinda led to the situation the military is facing now. I think they could pull off your idea because a lot of that idea is actually happeing in the military now.

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