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Dread Central felt that this was worth reporting on so I took a look. Now I can’t help but react to this mess of a trailer.

Seems a complete unknown filmmaker DM Pelley is making an American version of “Asian Extreme” cinema called Super Death Kill and has a synopsis and trailer online

In the post-apocalyptic world of the near future, a man from the Southern Wastelands responds to an ad for a day labor job-and finds himself trapped in a tournament filled with mutants, scavengers, and psychopathic humans with super human abilities.

The only way out is to fight or die…

In the vein of “Ichi the Killer,”Old Boy,” and “Cyborg;” Super Death Kill is an American take on “Asian Extreme” films.

Check out the trailer:

Maybe I am just not familiar with “Asian Extreme” films, but that looks TERRIBLE. Audio straight off the hi-8 camcorder and action scenes that look like they got ME to play a martial artist. That guy is as flexible as my mother. And those rapidfire kungfu exchanges? You don’t have to block them, they don’t reach far enough to hit your opponent! Were you trying to strike his forearm with yours? Congrats you win at pattycake. Those are embarasing fight scenes.

There is no end as to just how craptatstic that looks, and not even in a good way.

Update DM Pelley contacted me directly about this and offered this “slightly more polished” version of the trailer.

Granted that version looks better because it lacks any of the horrible excuse for fighting that unfortunately will still be in the film. Then the fire explosion and title that look like they were created with MS Paint… I have no words.

I understand this was done on a shoestring budget, but is this anything more than a highschool project?

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7 thoughts on “Super Death Kill Trailer Online

  1. Remember that kid that did that Star Wars lightsaber action about 10 years ago on YouTube and is now 25 and had to change his name and move out of town? That was better ‘martial arts’ acting/movements than what that ‘asian’ non-mutant fighter did. Best part of either trailer – The Dog. Second Best part. The End. How this can get better? Add Megan Fox. Naked. Just have her stand there for 10 min. – just place it somewhere in the middle of the film where we have to fast forward to get to it.

  2. I thought for a second it was a posting for the Red Skull!

    I actually cussed out the Captain America dIRECTOR (NOT USNG A CAPITAL “D” ON PURPOSE)


  3. LOL bad acting slow-mo but not slow-mo fights and a ugly chick, when does it come to theaters? oh and a random ass dog in there sweet bet thats the final boss

  4. haha, i recently saw an other one like this; a western-kill bill rant of some sort… in the end there can be only one, that kind, with a lot of nudity, which that was nice.

    It’s worth a watch for the heck of it

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