Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury in Queen Biopic

There has been talk of a Freddie Mercury or Queen Biopic for a long time now and its finally coming together with the announcement of Peter Morgan writing a script in which Sacha Baron Cohen will play Freddie.

/Film says:

Peter Morgan is writing an as yet unnamed biopic of Queen singer Freddie Mercury. Even better: to play Mercury, the production has just signed Sacha Baron Cohen.

Honestly I could really see him playing this part. Not only is it not a big stretch to get him to look the part, but Sacha Baron Cohen has the ability to play the outrageous so well that he could easily play the flamboyant and exciting performer that Freddie Mercury was.

I have always been fascinated with Cohen’s ability to snap from character to character and take on so many looks in his comedy show, and as genius as he was in Borat, he fell flat with Bruno trying to make lightning strike twice.

I would love to see Cohen do something as serious as this and step away from the comedy.

Word says this biopic will tell the story of Queen’s successful years leading up to their Live Aid appearance in 1985 and will not address Mercury’s death in 1991.

5 thoughts on “Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury in Queen Biopic

  1. I guess this will be his “Man on the Moon” (sort of)

    I’m still waiting for his “Moment” film.

    he was pretty good in Talladega and Borat was classic.
    Loved his Ali G show on HBO but the film was cheesy.

    so all his Cartooney Caracters are pretty much out of the way now.
    so lets see if the acting chops are truly there.

    his vision to get laughs is pretty cool, so I’ll still give him some slack till he proves otherwise (He’s definitly NO Russel Brand-THANK GOD!)

    I have a(almost) Peter Sellers kinda hope for this guy, hope I’m right

  2. Cant stand the guy myself, so I wouldn’t want to see this on his name alone. Sorry, I just don’t like him at all and don’t find him particularly funny either.

    Maybe by doing something serious as this I might change my mind about him if he is actually good.

  3. He doesn’t need to step away from comedy at all — one mediocre comedy doesn’t ruin a career of good work. He’ll just need to do something a little different.

    As for this movie… I’m interested. I actually think he’s a decent actor.

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